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NBN to complete first copper countdown in Victoria

22 May 2014

Brunswick and South Morang among pioneering communities to become the first to switch over to the NBN.

Nineteen thousand families and businesses located in fifteen pioneering communities across Australia are poised to complete the transition to the NBN.

Parts of Brunswick and South Morang will complete the transition to the NBN when existing landline phones, ADSL internet and Telstra cable internet services in these areas will be switched off officially from 23 May 2014.*

Other areas include homes and offices located in: 

  • Armidale, Minnamurra and Kiama Downs in New South Wales; 
  • Townsville, Aitkenvale and Mundingburra in Queensland; 
  • Willunga in South Australia; and
  • Deloraine, George Town, Kingston Beach, Sorell, St Helens and Triabunna in Tasmania 

Trent Williams, General Manager of External Affairs for NBN Co, said: 

“These homes and businesses are at the forefront of the first nationwide upgrade of its kind to Australia’s fixed-line telecommunications system in more than 100 years.

“By the time the rollout of the NBN is complete, every home, business and community across Australia will have access to fast broadband, enabling us to participate more fully in the global digital economy.

“The overwhelming majority of people in the affected areas have made the switch to the NBN over the 

18 months since the countdown began and are enjoying the benefits of fast broadband. 

“Any family or business that is yet to make the switch can choose to place an order with their preferred phone company or internet service provider or they can stick with a mobile or other wireless solution. The choice is up to them. ** 

“But we are working hard with the industry to ensure that no-one in these areas who wants the NBN is left behind.” 

NBN Co urges the few remaining home and business owners who have not yet made the switch to contact their preferred phone company or internet service provider and place an order for services over the NBN as soon as possible.

The move to the NBN is not automatic – home and business owners need to take the following steps to connect:

1. Contact your preferred internet service provider or phone company: 

a. If you have a medical alarm or alert (or a family member, carer or friend) you are encouraged to register your details with NBN Co’s Medical Alarm Register by calling 1800 227 300 or complete the online form at:

b. If you have an EFTPOS terminal, fax or alarm system, call the provider of that service (for example your bank) to ask what internet or landline phone services over the NBN will support the device.

c. If your building has an emergency lift phone and/or a fire indicator panel you are encouraged to register your details with NBN Co so these services can be identified by calling 1800 687 626.*** 

d. Contact your preferred phone company or internet service provider and discuss your requirements.

2. Choose: a plan that suits your needs.

3. Order: your service over the NBN as soon as possible.

More information about the steps residents and businesses need to take to switch to the NBN as well as a list of service providers can be found at:

These are the first areas in Victoria scheduled to switch over from the existing copper network, from 23 May 2014, with further areas planned to follow later in the year. 


Further areas planned to switch over in the coming months include:
Parts of Bacchus Marsh – from 5 October 2014

NBN Co Media enquiries:
Dan Chamberlain
0400 569 951 

NBN Co Media Hotline
02 9927 4200 

Media materials:

Download the infographic depicting the top ten changes in the way Australians communicate. 

Download supporting video, audio and image files.

Brunswick – Area to be disconnected from 23 May 2014

South Morang – Area to be disconnected from 23 May 2014

Notes to editors:

  • As part of the Statement of Expectations released in April 2014, NBN Co is working to ensure all Australians have access to very fast broadband as soon as possible, at affordable prices, and at the least cost to taxpayers. The Statement allows for the NBN to be built in the most cost-effective way using the technology best matched to each area of Australia.
  • Areas within suburbs will have different dates to switch depending on when the NBN becomes available to their premises.
  • Home and business owners who are scheduled to have their landline phone, ADSL internet and Telstra cable internet services disconnected have been sent letters from NBN Co with details about how to switch to the NBN.*
  • Homes and businesses that have an existing medical or security alarm systems should contact their alarm provider and phone company to enquire about their current system and how it will work over the NBN. 

* Services not replaced by the NBN include some TransACT, OptiComm, some Telstra Velocity services and others. For a full list please or call us on 1800 687 626. Optus cable internet services may also be switched off on a different date and existing customers will be advised separately.

** Residents and businesses who have special equipment that connects over a phone line, such as a monitored security or fire alarm, EFTPOS machine, lift phone or medical monitoring device, should contact the supplier of the device or monitoring service for further advice on what needs to be done for it to work over the NBN. For more information visit     

*** Due to specific in-building cabling requirements NBN Co is working closely with industry to develop solutions to migrate emergency lift phones and fire indicator panels. NBN Co does not currently intend to disconnect any registered existing lift phone and fire indicator panel services in your area. A register has been set up to identify where these services are located and to support continuity of service for both lift phones and fire indicator panels. If you do not register these services with us before 23 May 2014, your emergency lift phone and fire indicator panel will be disconnected from this date. You should be aware that disconnection of these essential building communications services could result in undetectable failure of fire indicator panels and emergency lift phones in the building.


Victoria NBN Switch Over

Media Alert Template
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Our connected country - An infographic

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