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NBN rollout continues to gain momentum in Victoria

21 October 2014

The information in this media release was accurate at the date of publication. It may no longer be current and you should not rely on this information.

6,400 more homes and businesses join NBN rollout footprint

A further 6,400 homes and businesses across Victoria have been added to the National Broadband Network (NBN) rollout schedule this month.

They encompass 4,600 premises in the fixed line footprint where pre-construction activity has begun in parts of Greater Melbourne and the North East regions

Physical construction is also underway for fixed wireless facilities that will deliver fast broadband to more than 1,800 farms, homes and businesses situated outside metropolitan areas.

New NBN areas added this month:

Fixed Line Build Preparation



Greater Melbourne

West Footscray, Footscray

North East

Shepparton, Shepparton North, Grahamvale

Fixed Wireless Build Commenced

North East

Longwood and Oxley


Hazelwood South, Bass, Garfield (surrounds) and Yanakie North



Barwon South West


The latest update to the interactive rollout map on the NBN Co website shows an additional 10,500 premises have moved from build preparation activities to physical construction in the following regions and communities:

Fixed Line Build Commenced



Greater Melbourne

West Footscray, Tottenham, Melton West, Werribee and Wyndham Vale

North East


On average it takes around 12 months from the start of construction until residents and business owners can receive NBN services from phone and internet providers.

NBN Co spokesperson Corrie Withers said:

“More families and businesses in Victoria are a step closer to being able to enjoy the benefits of fast and reliable broadband, which can deliver improved access to e-health resources, online education, teleworking opportunities and entertainment on demand.*

“For families in rural and regional communities in particular, NBN provides access to internet speeds and capacity that many in the big cities take for granted.”

This continues the momentum of the NBN rollout with more than 62,400 families and businesses are already connected to the NBN across the state.

The detailed maps showing the areas to be covered by the network are available at: **

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Notes to Editors

  • You can find out whether your home or business is covered by the NBN footprint as well as more information about the steps you need to take to make the switch by visiting
  • Download supporting video, audio and image files.
  • In fixed wireless areas copper phone lines will remain in place to provide a landline telephone service. Before the network equipment is installed for a fixed wireless service, a validation test will be carried out.
  • The interactive rollout map now includes a more detailed colour-coding system to display the three phases of the rollout within a community:



Colour code on the NBN map

Build Preparation

Contractors are undertaking pre-construction activities to deliver NBN high speed broadband in this area, which may include readying Telstra’s pits and pipes for NBN Co use


Build Commenced

NBN Co has issued contract instructions to its construction partners so they can commence work to deliver NBN high-speed broadband in this area. (Build Commenced boundaries are subject to change during the construction process)


Service Available

Premises in this area are covered by NBN high-speed broadband and services may be ordered and purchased from a telephone or internet service provider


* Your experience including the speeds actually achieved over the NBN depends on some factors outside our control like your equipment quality, software, broadband plans and how your service provider designs its network.

**The new rollout maps identify one or more areas where NBN Co has commenced building or intends to build the NBN. From the commencement of work through to when a construction area “goes live”, NBN Co undertakes a series of steps that may result in changes to the design of the network in the respective area, possibly involving the movement of the boundaries. NBN Co may update the map in the future in the event of boundary changes.