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NBN Co invests in new simulated training facilities for more than 2,000 external workers

23 March 2018

nbn™ Network Simulation Labs launched to improve the customer experience for Australian homes and businesses

NBN Co today launched new training facilities as part of its commitment to work alongside industry to improve the customer experience of connecting Australians to the nbn™ broadband access network.

The nbn™ Network Simulation Labs will provide training and assessments for more than 2,000 in-field telecommunications workers on how to deploy, activate and maintain the nbn™ access network by simulating the variety of challenges and complexities that arise when rolling it out.

Trainees will access every fixed-line technology solution used to deliver the new network and get real-time experiences in connecting pits and pipes to homes and businesses, installing equipment before the network is activated and helping to resolve connection faults.

The labs aim to ensure both the current and future workforce can further develop their knowledge and skills to continually improve the quality of the nbn™ access network.

The first nbn™ Network Simulation Lab officially opened today at TAFE NSW’s Lidcombe campus with plans to launch additional facilities across Australia throughout 2018.

NBN Co’s Chief Network Engineering Officer, Peter Ryan said:

“With more than 30,000 workers out in the field helping to roll the nbn™ access network out, we remain committed to the continuous development of a highly capable workforce, to ensure the network delivers the quality Australians expect.

“Today’s launch coincides with the peak build phase of the network with up to 100,000 new Australian homes and businesses being added to our footprint each month. This means we require highly competent, multi-skilled technical workers to not only deploy the network but also help deliver quality experiences for people who connect to and use the nbn™ access network.

“There are lots of complexities which come up when working on a live network that can impact the way a technician needs to complete an installation or fix a fault. The benefit of these labs is that we can program problems and challenges for workers to deal with before they get out in the field. They can immediately see how their actions impact a live network and can start building their expertise from day one.

“In the last year, we have increased our ability to deliver network installations right the first time from eight out of ten times to around nine out of ten today – the new nbn™ Network Simulation Labs are part of our plan to ensure we continue to improve.”

TAFE NSW’s Head of Skillspoint, Technology and Business Services, Dr Geethani Nair said:

“As the largest education and training provider in Australia, TAFE NSW is committed to providing high quality, industry-relevant training for the jobs of tomorrow.

“TAFE NSW is focussed on working in partnership with industry to design and develop new solutions to meet current and future need.

“These facilities using our qualified trainers will equip NBN Co’s infield workers across the country with the skills they need to successfully build, operate and maintain one of the nation’s most important projects.”

The nbn™ Network Simulation Labs are part of NBN Co’s Industry Capability Solutions Program which launched in 2015 with a $40M investment to boost the capacity and capability of the workforce employed by the company’s approved Delivery Partners.

Today’s announcement is another demonstration of NBN Co’s commitment to improving the customer experience of Australians who connect to the nbn™ access network, following last week’s launch of a new progress report to allow Australians to keep track of the company’s results.

For more information on how the company is working alongside industry to improve customer experience, visit

The nbn™ access network rollout by numbers:

  • More than 6.3 million homes and businesses are now able to connect to services over the nbn™ access network
  • More than 30,000 field workers are currently rolling out the nbn™ access network
  • Up to 100,000 new homes and businesses available to connect and another 100,000 are signing up to a service on the nbn™ access network each month

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