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nbn moves from build to run

08 June 2017

Reshuffle hones in on business segment and consumer experience

nbn Chief Executive Bill Morrow today announced a number of changes, effective 1 July, to the company’s Executive Committee.

Morrow said: “Over the last 3 years alone, we have grown the size of our network from near 500 thousand homes to more than 5.5 million ready for service.  End-users have risen from near 200 thousand to more than 2.2 million and revenue has grown from approximately $60 million to just less than $1 billion.

“Standing proudly with these accomplishments behind us and confident with the new challenges and priorities ahead, we know we must make a step change to keep pace with the progress of this industry-wide transformation.

“In order to continue our success in the next phase, our focus on improving customer experience is critical. Strong headway is being made across the industry but as we further transition to an nbn-enabled nation we know there is more to be done,” said Morrow.

Noting the increasing momentum of this changing digital landscape, Morrow said the nbn organisation changes announced today were driven by:

(1) The nbn access network is rapidly approaching the halfway built mark with the weekly Ready For Service volume rate near the peak required to complete the build by 2020;

(2) Active end-users are at scale and require an industry-wide lift in experience across all touch points;

(3) Near one billion dollars of future annual revenue will potentially come from the business segment and this requires a fundamentally different Go-To-Market strategy to that which nbn has applied for the residential segment;

(4) Network and IT technology is converging at an escalated pace and requires a uniform and integrated approach to introducing new functionalities; and,

(5) nbn’s organisation model needs to ultimately evolve from ‘network build’ to ‘network operate and optimise’ with a far greater emphasis on customers--both RSPs and end-users.

Commenting on the new organisation, Morrow said: “I'm confident in our ability to organise around the next phase of priorities and am pleased we have such strong and diverse talent to bring fresh thinking and proven expertise to our executive leadership.”

Reporting to the CEO, Bill Morrow, effective from July 1, 2017: 

John Simon, Chief Customer Officer – Business, to lead the Business Sales and Marketing department until his retirement in first half next year. Simon, nbn’s longest standing executive member, came out of retirement in early 2013 when he joined the company to lead the Product, Marketing and Sales department. He has agreed to extend his stay to help establish this new standalone department.

Brad Whitcomb, Chief Customer Officer – Residential, to lead the Residential Sales and Marketing department after three years leading Strategy, Transformation, Regulatory and Technology.

Kathrine Dyer, Chief Network Deployment Officer, to be promoted to the Executive Committee to lead the construction of the remaining portion of the network with the newly formed Network Deployment and Planning team.

Peter Ryan, Chief Network Engineering Officer, to lead the newly formed Network Engineering and Operations team comprising the combined Network Service Operations department and the Network Performance Engineering team. 

John McInerney, Chief Systems Engineering Officer, to lead the newly formed Systems Engineering and Operations team comprising the existing IT team combined with the network engineering team focussed on the delivery of new network functionality.

JB Rousselot, Chief Strategy Officer to lead Strategy, Transformation, Regulatory and Technology after two years of establishing and leading Network Service Operations.

Karina Keisler, Chief Corporate Affairs Officer, to be promoted to the Executive Committee and will continue to manage the company's reputation leading External Affairs, Government Relations and Employee Communications. Keisler will take on the additional responsibility of nbn-Local, a newly formed group focused on national industry stakeholders and local relationships in remote and regional Australia.

Justin Forsell, Chief Legal Counsel to continue to lead the Legal & Security Department.

Maree Taylor, Chief People and Culture Officer, to continue to lead People & Culture.

Stephen Rue, Chief Financial Officer, to continue to lead Finance, Procurement & Supply.

The executive profiles and photos are available on the nbn website.


nbn executive team

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