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nbn encourages final registrations ahead of Medical Alarm Register closure in June 

06 June 2023

nbn’s medical alarm register will close to new registrants on 30 June and community members who still use their medical alarms on the copper network are being encouraged to register now.

The medical alarm register which helps end customers of phone and internet providers check their medical alarm is working after it is migrated to the nbn® network will close after nine years. The register has supported around 180,000 consumers who used medical alarms, many of whom were medically vulnerable and/or older Australians.

nbn Executive Manager for Health, Robert Hardie, said:

“We are encouraging all users of medical alarms to register via nbn’s Medical Alarm Register before the end of the month on 30 June so we can help the small number of Australians in the nbn fixed-line footprint who still need to migrate their medical alarm, phone and internet services to the nbn network.”

“Switching to the nbn network is not automatic and we recommend those users move to the network, or an alternative solution, before their copper network disconnection date to avoid losing connectivity which might leave them vulnerable in an emergency.”

“While the register will close to new people at the end of the month, and most mandatory disconnections from the old copper network are complete, if the disconnection date for a particular premises is beyond 30 June 2023, we will help them to migrate to the nbn network1.”

“Registration is optional and any further support requests after 30 June can be managed directly via a customer’s alarm supplier or phone and internet provider,” he said.

nbn will advise you and your internet provider of any upcoming disconnection dates with at least 18 months’ notice. If you are already connected to the nbn network or an alternative network and your medical alarm is working, no action is required. If you are unsure, we still recommend that you submit your details on our register via our website at, or by calling us on 1800 227 300.”

nbn’s ‘Unmonitored Medical Alarm Upgrade Offer’ will also close to new registrants on 30 June after four years of enabling Australians to access subsidised unmonitored medical alarm devices.

Under the offer, eligible2 people can obtain an upgraded unmonitored medical alarm at a discounted price of up to 80 per cent3 off the normal price – to a maximum of $300 off, from participating alarm suppliers. 

An unmonitored medical alarm calls a family member, friend, neighbour or 000 when triggered. It differs from a monitored alarm, which calls a 24/7 alarm-monitoring centre that may have a monthly fee, or a locally monitored alarm, which calls the staff at an aged care or retirement facility.

To check if you, your family member or someone you care for is eligible for the Unmonitored Medical Alarm Upgrade Offer, or to find out more about the offer, please visit or call 1800 003 095.

National Seniors Australia Chief Advocate, Ian Henschke said:

“Medical alarms can save lives so it’s important to make sure you’re protected by remaining connected with these imminent changes. Contact nbn by visiting or call 1800 227 300.


  1. The nbn broadband access network is replacing most of the existing fixed-line phone networks that medical alarms rely on with newer technologies. Although most existing services will be replaced by the nbn access network, there are some services that should not be impacted, including those provided over non-nbn fibre networks and some business and Special Services. nbn strongly recommends you contact your current phone and internet provider, and your current device provider, about whether your services will be impacted by the rollout of the nbn access network. You can also visit for more information or call 1800 687 626.
  2. To be eligible for the offer, users must meet the Unmonitored Medical Alarm Upgrade Offer eligibility criteria which include (amongst other criteria) having an eligible existing unmonitored medical alarm, living in an area that will be getting a fixed-line connection to the nbn access network and signing up to nbn's Medical Alarm Register.
  3. The discount is 80 per cent off the alarm supplier’s normal retail price, up to a maximum discount of $300 off.
  4. This requirement only affects end users on fixed line services. Migration on our Fixed Wireless and satellite service is optional as the existing networks aren’t currently proposed to be switched off by the legacy telecommunications provider, so unmonitored medical alarm users can continue to run their existing services [over copper] in parallel with nbn. Full eligibility criteria is published at

Background information

  • nbn has been working with the medical alarm industry since 2011 and has continuously worked on improving and implementing initiatives throughout the nbn access network rollout to help inform medical alarm users of the process to determine the compatibility of their existing devices when migrating landline phone and internet services over to an nbn powered plan.

 Types of medical alarms

  • A professionally monitored medical alarm calls an alarm monitoring centre that the customer generally pays a monthly fee to (though this fee may be paid on their behalf by another care organisation). When the 'help’ (or similar) button is pressed, the call is answered by an operator at the alarm company.
  • A locally monitored medical alarm calls the staff at your relevant retirement village or aged care facility. A nurse or staff member on-site answers the call.
  • An unmonitored medical alarm calls a family member, friend, neighbour or 000 when triggered.

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