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NBN connects country careers to the world

10 April 2014

The information in this media release was accurate at the date of publication. It may no longer be current and you should not rely on this information.

More than 1,490 premises around Dubbo can now benefit from fast broadband

The first farms, homes and businesses in 18 communities surrounding Dubbo can now switch to the National Broadband Network.

NBN Co’s fixed wireless network is now available to more than 1,490 premises in parts of the following communities:

  • Eschol
  • Cumboogle
  • Glengerra
  • Yarrabar
  • Delroy Heights
  • Minore
  • Dubbo (Surrounds)
  • Burrabadine
  • Rawsonville
  • Terramungamine
  • Brocklehurst
  • Mogriguy
  • Mugga Downs
  • Beni
  • Barbigal
  • Wongarbon
  • Butlers Falls
  • Bunglegumbie



In addition, NBN Co recently commenced physical construction of six new fixed wireless installations in the Central West of NSW – Cudal, Mount McDonald, Cargo, Koorawatha, Cowra (surrounds) and Molong (surrounds) – meaning over 1,440 more premises will soon be able to connect to the NBN.

NBN Co spokesperson Tony Gibbs said, “We’re bringing fast broadband to the bush.  These fixed wireless services are designed to deliver internet speeds that many in the big cities take for granted today.*

Eulomogo resident and Telstra customer, Cath Osborne, works from home as an academic in the field of Medical Radiation at Monash University.  With students throughout Australia and Asia, a robust and reliable internet connection is critical.

“When it comes to real-time tutorials and student support via video conferencing, buffering can be a nightmare.  Now, with the NBN, I no longer need to travel into Dubbo for a reliable connection.  I can host live tutorials and online meetings from my home office and exchange large files – such as MRI and CT scans – with students without delay.  In this respect, the NBN helps connect country careers to the world.

“I am also the owner/operator of SPLASH swim school.  Using the NBN, I assist students with stroke correction by emailing footage of them swimming and drive registrations for my company’s website.

Now with an Telstra-supplied NBN connection, “The NBN lets me balance my career with my passion of running a swim school – all whilst living near family and friends in a wonderful rural community,” said Mrs Osborne.

Mayor of Dubbo, Councillor Mathew Dickerson said, “I welcome the introduction of the NBN to the communities surrounding Dubbo.  It’s a major step forward in bridging the digital divide between city and country and means that people can live in rural and regional centres without compromising on internet connectivity.

“The NBN also allows the region’s burgeoning professional services sector to grow and compete on the world stage.  Our rapidly growing health, social and mining services sectors could see the region develop into a professional services hub, which wouldn’t be possible without the NBN,” said Mayor Dickerson.

Residents in communities surrounding Dubbo are encouraged to visit to find out if their premise is included in the coverage footprint.  If so, they should contact their preferred telco or internet service provider to get connected.  A full list of those offering NBN services can be found at

Media enquiries:

Grant Thomas

Phone: 02 8918 5853

Mobile: 0417 554 787

NBN Co Media Hotline: 02 9927 4200


Notes to editors

• NBN Co’s fixed wireless facilities are designed to service less densely populated communities across Australia surrounding major townships. 

• NBN Co’s fixed wireless service offers wholesale download speeds of up to 25 megabits per second and wholesale upload speeds of up to five megabits per second to telephone and internet service providers.**

• End user experience, including the speeds actually achieved over the NBN, depends on some factors outside NBN Co’s control like equipment quality, software, broadband plans and how the end user’s service provider designs its network

• Fixed wireless services are delivered by radio communications via antennas that transmit a signal direct to a small outdoor antenna on your home or business.

• Before the network equipment is installed a service validation test will be carried out.  Those premises which are unable to be served by fixed wireless may be able to receive NBN Co’s long term satellite service when it becomes available.  Visit for more information.

• In fixed wireless areas copper phone lines will remain in place to provide a landline telephone service.

• A standard installation of NBN equipment is currently free of charge. Residents should ask their preferred service provider if they have any other fees.

• For more information visit

* User experience, including the speeds actually achieved over the NBN, depends on some factors outside NBN Co’s control, like equipment quality, software, broadband plans and how a service provider designs its network.

** NBN Co’s designing the NBN to provide these speeds to its wholesale customers, telephone and internet service providers. End user experience including the speeds actually achieved over the NBN depends on some factors outside NBN Co’s control like equipment quality, software, broadband plans and how the end user’s service provider designs its network.