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NBN Co welcomes release of Implementation Study

06 May 2010

NBN Co, the company established to build, own and operate the National Broadband Network,today welcomed the release of the Federal Government's NBN Implementation Study.

CEO Mike Quigley said NBN Co had worked in close cooperation with the Lead Advisor during their consideration of the regulatory, industry and policy issues associated with the NBN.

"It is pleasing to see that the Implementation Study has confirmed NBN Co's conclusion that this project is financially viable," Mr Quigley said.

"The Implementation Study provides valuable guidance on a number of policy issues that will be considered by the Government in the context of regulating both NBN Co and the industry more broadly.

"NBN Co anticipates further consultation on these issues and awaits the Government's final decision on these matters of policy.

"In the meantime NBN Co continues to design and plan for the construction of a network based on the criteria set for it in July last year.

"In accordance with GBE guidelines, NBN Co will be submitting its corporate plan, including a full business case, to Government by May 31," Mr Quigley said.