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NBN Co selects prime systems integrator to support wholesale business

29 March 2011

NBN Co has appointed IBM as the prime systems integrator of its operational and business support systems. Using these systems, retail service providers (RSPs) will be able to order new services, report faults or perform service qualification checks via business-to-business interfaces and/or portals designed to allow transparent and flexible management of their own services on the national broadband network.

The systems will also allow NBN Co to monitor the performance of its network and bill RSPs for the services they order and operate.

Under a three-year agreement IBM, in its capacity as the prime systems integrator, will partner with NBN Co to deliver an end-to-end solution that drives industry best practice outcomes while minimising costs and risk.

The overall operational and business support project also involves other subcontractors and a range of software providers. The total cost of the overall project during the next three-years is estimated at over $200M.

The Australian Government's multi-billion dollar investment in the NBN represents one of the largest infrastructure projects in Australian history, enabling the connection of 93 percent of all Australian premises to high-speed, fibre-based communications services by 2020, and wireless and satellite to the remaining seven percent. This project is set up to deliver essential business and operational support systems to advance NBN Co's open-access, high-speed broadband platform for Australian businesses and consumers.

NBN Co Head of Network Operations, Steve Christian said: "As a wholesale network provider, NBN Co sells products to service providers who resell them to households and businesses. To do this efficiently and cost effectively, we need robust and highly-automated systems with extensive RSP self-management capabilities.

"This is a unique opportunity to implement these support systems without having to contend with the challenges of legacy systems. We will be carrying out this project by means of an integrated team of experienced providers all working together to achieve real end-to-end business outcomes. By also working closely with our customers, the RSPs, we will ensure that these systems are delivered and optimised across business-to-business interfaces and/or portals, allowing each RSP a high level of flexibility in terms of their choice to automate on their side of these interfaces."

Claire Rawlins, CIO of NBN Co said: "IBM's global and local track record for managing complex, mission-critical programmes was a key factor in our choosing IBM for this important project. The project will focus on both process optimisation and automation."

Implementation work has already started, and will be completed in four releases.

Mr David Murray, IBM Australia's General Manager for the NBN said: "NBN Co will draw upon IBM's global telecommunications industry expertise and systems integration capabilities to lay a key foundation in Australia's digital future."

"Using IBM technology and services NBN Co can cost effectively manage its network, provision and configure services, and bill its wholesale customers. This is a key step in advancing the delivery of Australia's next-generation broadband platform for businesses and consumers."

The awarding of this contract followed an extensive procurement process that started with request for capability statements in February 2010 followed by a request for proposal last July.

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