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NBN Co recruitment process

09 February 2010

NBNCo today confirmed it had recruited over 100 people to jobs critical for the design of Australia's new high-speed broadband network and would recruit hundreds more in the coming months.

The recruitment drive will see the company seek highly skilled people for its new network operations centre, its integration laboratory and its data centre.

CEO Mike Quigley said recruitment at NBN is focussed on cost efficiently hiring individuals in short time frames who have a demonstrated track record of experience and delivery.

He said NBNCo utilised a range of recruitment practices including the use of recruitment agencies such as Egon Zehnder, Launch Recruitment/MFJ Partners advertising roles in national daily newspapers and individual referrals similar to all other Australian businesses.

"We are pleased about the high level of interest from Australians wanting to work for NBNCo and we have received nearly 1000 resumes which our human resources department are evaluating," Mr Quigley said.

Mr Quigley said the selection process for candidates was robust and objective and during 2009 NBNCo had sourced 40 percent of its people via individual referrals, 32 percent through agencies, 7 percent via direct advertising and 21 percent through offering contractors full time jobs.

Chief Human Resource Officer, Mr Kevin Brown said people interested in applying for jobs at the company should go to the company's website which will be upgraded by the end of the month.

Mr Brown said the company was seeking top talent and a track record of performance in all appointments.

Mr Brown confirmed that Mr Mike Kaiser's appointment occurred after the job description was developed and several candidates were considered. No search agency was involved in the selection of Mr Kaiser.

Mr Kaiser was individually referred to NBNCo for the role and had to submit a detailed resume and undergo three interviews and reference checking before appointment.

"NBNCo employ on merit not mates and is confident in the selection of a talented executive like Mike Kaiser. Claims of corrupted process are wrong," Mr Brown said.

NBNCo appointed Mr Mike Kaiser to the role in November and he is based in Sydney. He has an engineering degree and extensive government experience.

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