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NBN Co not charging residents for cable-laying in First Release Sites

17 June 2011

NBN Co today labelled as incorrect the suggestion that householders in the Kiama Downs First Release site who "don't sign up with an internet provider before the trial concludes" could be charged part of the cost of laying cable to their homes.

The front-page report in today's Sydney Daily Telegraph, which is labelled an "Exclusive", goes on to suggest that failure to sign up would expose residents to part of the cable-laying cost, "estimated to be $900 a day - to gain access to broadband".

A spokesman for NBN Co said this was not the case:

"Sadly this report is merely another in a long line of myths and misconceptions about the National Broadband Network. There is no cost to consumers for a standard installation in Kiama Downs, regardless of whether they have elected to have a line connected during the rollout or not.

"Even those residents who have elected not to have a connection, but may wish to do so when commercial services become available, can simply place an order with an appropriate telecommunications provider, and NBN will provide the connection - again at no cost for a standard installation.

"The only bills people on the network should expect to pay will be those generated by the phone companies and internet service providers offering services over the NBN when commercial services are available. But there is no charge to consumers from NBN Co for standard laying cables to their homes."

Any equipment or connections beyond NBN Co's in-house installation are the responsibility of the home-owner or retail service provider.

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