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NBN Co launches Fibre to the Building technology

31 March 2015

The commercial launch today of Fibre to the Building (FTTB) is another key milestone for the National Broadband Network.

NBN Co’s FTTB product is one of a wide suite of broadband technologies that is already, or soon will be, made available to its customers, 44 phone and internet companies, to sell to families and businesses providing them with more choice.

The Multi-Technology Mix enables the company to rollout fast broadband to all Australians sooner and more efficiently.

FTTB allows families and businesses in multi-dwelling units (such as apartment complexes and office blocks) to receive fast broadband services by connecting fibre-optic cable to existing building wiring.

The company is already in the process of rolling out FTTB technology to 6,000 homes and businesses in Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra. All up, more than one million homes and businesses across Australia are earmarked to receive the National Broadband Network over FTTB.

NBN Co’s Chief Customer Officer, John Simon, said:

“We have worked with our customers, the retail service providers, to develop the FTTB product and it has been met with enthusiasm from industry.

“FTTB demonstrates that existing infrastructure has a critical role to play in delivering fast broadband to millions of Australians.

“Eliminating the need for individual building designs and in-building wiring cuts down on construction time. Removing the need to install new equipment in the home accelerates the ability of people to connect.

“We’ve been delighted with the results achieved in our FTTB pilot, with families and businesses reporting high rates of satisfaction and receiving an average of 89Mbps download and 36Mbps upload.”

Additionally, Mr Simon said the FTTB product launch formed a strong foundation for the Fibre to the Node capability which remained on course for a commercial launch in Q3 2015.

Media enquiries:

Frances Kearey
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NBN Co Media Hotline
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Notes to editors:

  • NBN Co is developing other multi technology products which will be released over time.
  • Using the multi-technology-mix NBN Co aims to connect eight million homes and business, providing wholesale download data rates of up to 25 Mbps to all premises and at least 50 Mbps to 90 per cent of fixed line premises as soon as possible.
  • We’re designing the NBN Co to provide these speeds to our wholesale customers, the telephone and internet service providers.  End user experience, including the speeds actually achieved over the NBN, depends on the technology over which services are delivered to your premises and some factors outside our control like equipment quality, software, broadband plans and how the end user’s service provider designs its network.


NBN Co launches Fibre to the Building technology

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