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NBN Co announces first service providers for mainland Australia

08 April 2011

NBN Co is on track for the September commencement of commercial super-fast broadband services with the signing of the first retail service providers to connect to the new network for trials on mainland Australia.

NBN Co Head of Product Development and Sales, Jim Hassell, today announced 12 retail service providers (RSPs) have signed an agreement with NBN Co to deliver services over the new network as part of upcoming end-user trials across the five first release sites on the Australian mainland.

The 12 RSPs that have signed to take part in the trial are:
  • AAPT
  • AARNet
  • Comscentre
  • Exetel
  • iiNet
  • Internode
  • iPrimus
  • Nextgen Networks
  • Optus
  • Platform Networks
  • SkyMesh
  • Telstra

"As a wholesale provider of broadband services, NBN Co is building the infrastructure to enable retail service providers to offer services to home and business customers," Mr Hassell said.

"I am therefore pleased to announce that twelve retail service providers have so far committed to offer services over the NBN. These RSPs comprise small and large-scale service providers and represent over 95 percent of the market in the first release sites.

"We are very pleased with the response of RSPs to the NBN opportunity and thank them for their enthusiasm and contribution to the development of the technology."

Mr Hassell said that of the 12 RSPs who have signed with NBN Co, four have already been through the on-boarding process and are NBN-ready. They are iiNet, Internode, iPrimus and Telstra.

These four RSPs are expected to be the first to connect customers to the national broadband network on mainland Australia when they begin connecting customers as part of the end-user trial to begin in Armidale in the near future.

Armidale is one of five first release sites on the Australian mainland, and the first site to commence testing of the new network.

"This is great news for residents in Armidale and will mean that a limited number of Armidale residents will be the first on mainland Australia to access services over the NBN on a trial basis," Mr Hassell said.

"The trial will extend to the other first release sites in the months following to eventually cover several hundred end-users. This testing phase is a critical step in building the network, working with RSPs and integrating our operating systems as we aim to provide the best possible service when commercial services commence."

The four initial RSPs working with NBN Co in the test site phase will be running preliminary tests over the network and selecting a limited number of their existing end-users to take part in the trial.

The remaining eight RSPs that have signed with NBN Co to offer services over the network: AAPT, AARNnet, Comscentre, Exetel, Nextgen Networks, Optus, Platform Networks, and SkyMesh, will now begin the on-boarding process in preparation for participation in the first release site end-user trials.

The NBN Co on-boarding program is a process by which NBN Co works with RSPs to prepare them for accessing the network effectively and efficiently.

"As the NBN is an open-access wholesale network we will provide access to the network, and its connected customers, to any qualified retail service provider. We look forward to welcoming other RSPs as agreements are put in place," Mr Hassell said.

"We also thank the residents in the five first release sites for their cooperation and patience during the construction of the network. For residents in these sites not taking part in the trial, rest assured, broadband services are expected to be delivered in increasing volumes through your retail service provider after September this year."


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