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Mount Gambier homes to make full transition to nbn™ broadband access network

17 December 2018

The countdown is on for remaining homes and businesses.

The final areas of Mount Gambier will completely transition to the nbn™ broadband access network in the first two months of 2019.

This means any homes still using legacy phone and internet services in the city area will find these services no longer work when the 18-month transition period ends between January and February.

From the end of February, most existing landline phone and internet services in Mount Gambier will only be available on the nbn™ access network.

However, it’s important to understand that connecting to the nbn access network is not automatic.

Those who are yet to switch are encouraged to contact their preferred phone and/or internet service provider to place an order as soon as possible to continue using their landline phone and internet services.

For many Australians, this will be the first time they have selected a plan based on speed so it is important consumers understand the factors that impact speed so they can get more out of their nbn™ access network experience.

Residents and business owners should call their internet provider and speak about their internet needs and any special equipment operating on their current landline connection including EFTPOS terminals, and medical and security alarms.

Head of nbn™ Local for South Australia and the Northern Territory Tim Saul said:

 “It’s important for local residents and businesses to remember the move to the nbn™ access network is not automatic – people need to speak to their retailer in order to continue to use their fixed line telecommunications services.

“While the majority of homes and businesses in Mount Gambier have already made the switch to services over the nbn™ access network, this is the final stage of the transition to the new infrastructure that brings the community closer to fully embracing the benefits of fast broadband.

“Those premises that have a nbn™ Fixed Wireless and Sky Muster™ Satellite areas will not have their copper services switched off and many are choosing to keep their existing services for emergency communications.

If you’re not sure whether this impacts you, speak to your current phone and internet provider.

 “Research1 is showing that access to fast broadband is spurring growth in new businesses in the Mount Gambier region, and is projected to help contribute to the creation of 240-700 additional businesses by 2021. Up to 10 additional businesses were estimated to have been created already in 2017 due to the ‘nbn™ effect’.

“If you’re not yet connected to a service over the nbn™ access network, you’ll need to contact your preferred phone and internet provider to place an order.”

COSBOA’s Chief Executive Officer, Peter Strong, said:

“It’s important for businesses to plan ahead and make the switch early. Some special business services may not be affected but the majority of business services and devices that operate on existing landline phone and internet services will need to be migrated to the nbn™ access network. Speak to your preferred phone and internet provider about making the switch and to access the benefits of fast broadband.”

Home and business owners need to take the following steps:

  1. Check – your requirements including your internet usage habits and the number of devices connected during peak usage times between 7pm and 11pm.

a. If you have a medical alarm, auto-dialler or emergency call button, register these devices on NBN Co’s Medical Alarm Register by calling 1800 227 300 or visiting Speak to the device provider to seek further guidance.

b. If you have an EFTPOS terminal, health claim terminal, fax or alarm system, call the device or service provider (e.g. the bank) to discuss moving these devices onto a new plan on the nbn™ access network.

c. If your building has an emergency lift phone and/or a monitored fire alarm, register your details with NBN Co. You can do this at the NBN Co website. Speak to the device or service provider about your options for migrating the service to a new plan on the nbn™ access network. 

d. Contact your preferred phone company or internet service provider and discuss your requirements.

2. Select – the right speed plan for your household or business needs and place an order with an internet provider.

3. Connect – the right Wi-Fi router/modem in the right place and contact their provider to get help with any further in-home set up.

Services over the nbn™ access network are scheduled to progressively replace existing landline phone and internet services in parts of the following areas: 

Network Technology Suburbs Estimated Number of Premises 
January Mount Gambier, Ob Flat, Worrolong 7736
February Mount Gambier, Suttontown 2504

Conducted by data analytics and economics firm AlphaBeta and commissioned by NBN Co.

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