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NBN Co launches NNI link

06 July 2018

New product to help retail providers increase their footprint and to better manage the service experience for their customers

NBN Co, the company building Australia’s broadband network, today announced a new product to give all retail service providers (RSP) an alternative form of access to NBN Co’s Points of Interconnect (POI) and the ability to improve services for their customers.

The NNI link product provides RSPs the ability to acquire AVC and CVC directly from NBN Co without needing a physical connection to all 121 of NBN Co’s POIs. This enables RSPs to take advantage of competitive backhaul offers from wholesale providers to rapidly build scale, while maintaining the ability to manage their own CVC contention and contact NBN Co directly for connection and assurance requests.

The NNI link product was developed through extensive industry consultation and came into effect from 2 July 2018.

NBN Co General Manager of New Business and Innovation, Streicher Louw said:

“The NNI link product, in concert with backhaul products from wholesale providers, offers a quick and easy way for retailers to increase their footprint. Being able to buy AVC and CVC directly from NBN Co gives retailers access to the latest pricing bundles and direct access to NBN Co for support.

“NNI link is a great example of collaborative development between NBN Co and its customers: using NBN Co’s innovative early market deployment process, we were able to take an idea proposed by our customers, consult with industry, and launch a fully functional product within nine months.

“NNI link makes it easier than ever for retail service provider to offer an improved customer experience and co-developing NNI link strengthened our partnership with RSPs through collaborative product development and open innovation.”

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