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It's time for parts of Toowoomba to make the switch to the National Broadband Network

04 March 2014

The first 1,700 families and business owners in parts of Toowoomba which have been declared “ready for service” have less than six months to make the switch to the NBN and start experiencing the benefits of fast broadband.*

Home and business owners who live or work in and around the area bordered by the train line, Moloney, Collins and Herries Streets (see below map) have until 28 August 2014 to make the switch. The NBN will replace most existing landline phone, ADSL internet and Telstra cable internet services when these services are officially switched off in this area from 28 August 2014.* 

Around 20 per cent of the eligible premises have already connected to services over the NBN. 

NBN Co today urged the remaining homes and businesses in the area scheduled for disconnection to contact their preferred service provider to get their order in as soon as possible.  

NBN Co spokesperson Ryan Williams said:

“We are encouraging you to make the switch today to avoid getting stuck in the last minute rush, which could mean you risk being left without a landline home phone or internet service.

“Even residents who don’t use the internet will still need to switch to the NBN if their service is being switched off and they want to keep using their landline phone.*

“This includes community members with special equipment, such as medical and security alarms, which operate using a landline phone connection.**

“The first step is to get in contact with your preferred phone company or internet service provider.

“NBN Co is also working with our partners to connect complex buildings such as apartment blocks, local shops and business centres within the area. These premises require additional work before an owner can connect to the NBN. 

“We are committed to ensuring all of these complex premises are able to order a service over the NBN as soon as possible.”

More information about the steps residents and businesses need to take to switch to services provided over the NBN as well as a list of service providers can be found at:  

The NBN continues to rollout across Australia using a variety of technologies reaching communities faster and more affordably. 


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