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NBN Co pilots channel program for ICT industry

05 December 2017

New industry support service designed to help businesses connect to the nbn broadband access network

NBN Co today announced the launch of a pilot program to provide training and accreditation for technology solution providers and consultants which support businesses connecting to the nbn™ broadband access network. 

The new program aims to provide the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) industry with tailored information about the steps businesses need to take when connecting to the nbn™ access network as well as a suite of additional support services to assist with the migration process.

The pilot officially commenced today with Cisco distributor Westcon Comstor, IT support franchise Computer Troubleshooters Australia as well as phone and internet providers Telstra and Vocus. The full partner program is expected to launch in the first quarter of 2018.


NBN Co’s ICT channel program aims to provide: 

  • Training and accreditation: targeted online training and assessment set to equip solution providers and consultants with an understanding of how to connect to the nbn™ access network to address customer needs and concerns.
  • Centralised information and knowledge: a new portal to provide specialised information to participating consultants and solution providers on new technologies, training courses and updates on NBN Co’s wholesale product and rollout updates.
  • Dedicated support: additional support provided to participating ICT professionals including dedicated contact centre support, channel management resources and system architecture advice on the nbn™ access network.
  • Phone and internet provider support: access to participating retailers that can provide pre-sales advice, access to additional business grade solutions and assist with lead management for ICT and IT consultants*.


NBN Co’s General Manager of Channel Management, Keith Masterton


General Manager of Channel Management for NBN Co, Keith Masterton said:

“Our research shows many Australian small and medium businesses are turning to IT consultants during their transition to the nbn™ access network so we want to mobilise the industry to be able to respond to the growing needs of their customers.

“We recognise that connecting a business to the new network may take some time and preparation. This new program aims to ensure the ICT industry is equipped to work with NBN Co and service providers to help businesses migrate their complex services to the nbn™ access network  and make the most out of the benefits it can provide.

“The pilot will enable us to work with a broad range of ICT professionals to finesse the program and ensure we are getting feedback from them on all the necessary tools, training and information they need to support their clients ahead of the official launch to industry next year.

“The transition to the nbn™ access network represents a very significant opportunity for the ICT industry to assist in Australia’s digital transformation by helping businesses take advantage of video conferencing, collaboration and cloud based applications in order to grow and increase productivity.”


Managing Director for Cisco Distributor Westcon Comstor, David Gage, said:

“We are delighted to be participating in the pilot program and look forward to working with NBN Co and Cisco to support the development of this new channel.

“Through the program we hope to be able to equip our partners with knowledge about the nbn™ access network and enable them to provide digital solutions for their business customers powered by fast broadband.”


National Manager for Computer Troubleshooters, Michael Dowling, said: 

“We are excited to work with NBN Co on this new pilot program as our franchisee networks are increasingly required to respond to questions from small and medium businesses regarding the rollout of the nbn™ access network.

“This program will enable our network to be educated and therefore better positioned to manage our client’s expectations during the transition to the nbn™ access network.”

For more information about the ICT pilot program and to register your interest please contact


Notes to editors

*Provided at the discretion of the retail service provider


About NBN Co:

  •  NBN Co is building a new and upgraded, fast wholesale broadband access network to enable communities across Australia to access fast broadband from their retail service provider. Our goal is to connect eight million homes and businesses by 2020.
  • The rollout of the nbn™ access network sets the scene for one of the biggest transformations to Australia’s telecommunications industry and the establishment of a network to provide access to fast broadband to Australians. 
  • Connecting to the nbn™ access network is not automatic and is a process which may take some time and preparation. NBN Co is working with retailers and industry to help them better understand who is responsible for which portions of their internet experience and what steps they can take in order to receive the best possible service.
  • The speeds experienced on services over the nbn™ access network are determined by a range of factors such as the technology used to deliver the network as well as some factors outside our control like equipment quality, software, broadband plans, signal reception and how retailers design their network.
  •  Fast broadband like that delivered via the nbn™ access network can provide a range of benefits for Australians such as opportunities to work from home, access to online education tools and options for on-demand entertainment.


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