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Hacks and hacking

28 July 2011

NBN Co today hit out at misleading reporting in relation to an alleged hacking incident.

The company was responding to a raft of provocative headlines over the past 24 hours such as “NBN hacking scandal” (Sky News), “Self-taught hacker charged over NBN attack” (ABC), “NBN hack charges” (Daily Telegraph, Sydney), “Police arrest lone hacker after NBN system compromised” (Sydney Morning Herald) and “More arrests to come over NBN hacking” (The Australian).

NBN Co CEO Mike Quigley said:

“The NBN was not hacked. It has not been compromised. It has not been placed at risk. NBN Co's security has not been breached.

“The incident yesterday related to a commercial customer of NBN Co that has not yet connected services over the NBN.

"Of course we take security seriously. We have controls and processes in place and are working with telcos, ISPs and the broader industry in security scenario planning.

“Nevertheless any suggestion that the NBN was hacked or could have been hacked in relation to this incident is entirely wrong.”


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