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‘Entrepreneurialism’ set to disrupt Aussie workforce

04 September 2016

New research reveals small and micro business as Australia’s fastest growing employment sector

The Aussie start-up culture burns brightest in Baby Boomers and Gen Y as they lead a movement to ditch the corporate rat race in favour of becoming their own boss, according to a new report from KPMG Demographer, Bernard Salt.

Commissioned by nbn, the Small Business, Big Thinking: The entrepreneurialism of the Aussie workforce report explores how access to fast broadband and digitally-disruptive technologies have prompted the emergence of new entrepreneurial tribes which are driving a shift away from big businesses.

It reveals small and micro businesses are now Australia’s fastest growing employment sector with more than 285 new start-ups popping up every week in entrepreneurial hotspots such as Riverstone in New South Wales, Frankston in Victoria, Aspley in Queensland, Mandurah in Western Australia, Hobart in Tasmania and Victor Harbor in South Australia.

Author of the Small Business, Big Thinking: The entrepreneurialism of the Aussie workforce report, KPMG demographer Bernard Salt said:

“Australians are now empowered to run their business from wherever they want to, access customers from all over the world, and to disrupt traditional business models with their innovations, their ideas and their drive.

“Nationwide access to fast broadband and new technologies such as virtual reality and high-definition video conferencing are driving an ‘entrepreneurialism’ of the Aussie workforce as people reinvent themselves as consultants in their field of expertise, or take the plunge by starting that ‘big’ small business idea that they had always dreamed of.

“Gen Y are rejecting the  the confines of corporate structures and leading the charge by taking a chance on their own passions in new business ventures, while Baby Boomers who are no longer shackled down by kids and mortgages are increasingly choosing to spend their last working years reporting to themselves.”

There are more than 3 million homes and businesses around the country which can already connect to the nbn network with every Australian set to have access by 2020.

Watch a virtual tour of what small business may look like using fast broadband and emerging technologies in 2020:

Welcome to 2020: VR for business





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Small Business, Big Thinking

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Small Business, Big Thinking

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