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NBN Co to provide enhanced support for medical alarm users

25 February 2018

New trial to assist with the cost of updating unmonitored medical alarms when connecting to the nbn broadband access network 

Owners of unmonitored medical alarms (autodialling devices) are set to receive further assistance during their household's migration to services over the nbn™ broadband access network, following enhancements to NBN Co's support for medical alarm users.

The company is planning to commence a new trial with participating providers to assist users of unmonitored medical alarms with the cost of moving their alarm when migrating their services to the nbn™ access network.

Over the next few months, NBN Co will work with leading manufacturers and a trial group of up to 400 medical alarms users in order to refine its processes before announcing full details of a new assistance program.

The trial will assist NBN Co to refine details including identifying specific alarm suppliers and devices eligible to participate in the scheme and confirming the eligibility criteria for participants.

In addition, representatives from NBN Co will now call people who are registered on its Medical Alarm Register (MAR) once they are able to connect to the nbn™ access network and guide them through the steps they need to know about their device.

Brad Whitcomb, NBN Co's Chief Customer Officer - Residential said:  

"We are committed to working with the healthcare industry as well as phone and internet service providers, to help ensure users of medical alarms are aware of what they need to do to switch to services over the nbn™ access network.

"With approximately 180,000 Australians already registered on our Medical Alarm Register, we take our role in supporting all members of our community very seriously and want to help ensure these people are provided with the necessary information and assistance they need.

"Our trial will help us better understand the systems and processes needed to work with medical alarm providers and end-users to deliver the new assistance program.

"We are urging everyone who has a medical alarm device - or family members, carers and friends of those people - to add their details to our Medical Alarm Register so one of our team members can reach out to provide them with assistance and guidance about how to find out if their existing alarms will be compatible with the nbn™ access network.

"It's important for these residents to understand that the move to services over the nbn™ access network is not automatic and it may take some planning and preparation."

The announcement comes as a reminder for homes and businesses in areas that can currently connect to the nbn™ access network to speak with a phone and internet provider about moving over any affected landline, internet and alarm services prior to the decommissioning of the existing fixed line network. Once an area is declared 'ready to connect' to the nbn™ access network, residents and businesses generally have 18-months to choose a new nbn-powered plan and make the switch.*

To date more than 3.5 million homes and businesses have activated services over the nbn™ access network and a further 2.75 million homes and businesses are ready to connect.

Learn more about medical alarms or about registering your information on the Medical Alarm Register by calling 1800 227 300 from 9am - 5pm Monday to Friday.

NBN Co will announce more details about how people can apply to participate once we complete the trial and launch the full program in the second half of 2018.

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If you have a medical alarm, or care for someone who does, make sure you register it with nbn's Medical Alarm Register.

Doing so helps nbn identify households where support may be needed to help minimise a break in service.

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