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Devonport first stop of National NBN Co 'Truck' Tour

28 November 2011

Locals to explore high speed broadband applications thorough interactive and educational demonstrations

Residents in townships from Devonport to Deloraine and Georgetown to Triabunna will be the first in Australia to get 'hands on' with the National Broadband Network (NBN) and the benefits it can deliver to their homes and businesses as the NBN Co Demonstration Truck starts its journey in Tasmania this week.

The NBN Co Demonstration Truck, a 23-tonne mobile interactive discovery centre, arrived in Devonport today in its first stop on a national tour.

Devonport Mayor, Steve Martin, welcomed the truck's arrival saying: “There is a real appetite for more information about the NBN in the local community. Our residents are keen to understand what it will mean for them and when we will have access.

“For me, I expect the NBN will help to close the gap between the services we can access here in Devonport and those that people in major metropolitan centres experience. It's an exciting prospect and a real game changer for us. I'd encourage all residents to pop down for a visit and discover more about how the NBN will impact them.”

General Manager Demonstration Facilities, Cassandra Hayes, said the truck's journey and the content it showcases is designed to meet the demand for more information about the network.

“We receive thousands of emails and calls each week from individuals, businesses and local councils asking when the NBN is coming to their area, and wanting to know how it works, what they can use it for, and how to get connected. The demo truck makes it possible for people to experience for themselves some of the exciting applications in education, health and business that can be delivered over the NBN.”

“When it comes to the benefits of high-speed broadband, seeing really is believing and for the residents of Tasmania, this leg of the tour is all about answering those questions,” Ms Hayes said.

The NBN Co Truck opens up to showcase impressive outdoor displays and contains high definition video screens, cameras and audio equipment designed to:

  • Bring to life the benefits that the network can deliver for health, education and business services across the region (via case studies, demonstrations and interactive displays);
  • Educate communities about the network rollout and how the NBN can benefit them; and
  • Demonstrate the equipment that residents will have in their homes

From Devonport the truck will undertake a three-month, 27-site tour of Tasmania finishing in Smithton in February 2012. It is expected to visit more than 100 towns and cities across Australia over the next 12 months.

A dedicated team of NBN Co demonstrators will staff the truck and be on hand to answer questions and guide residents through demonstrations including:

  • A simulated remote health consultation;
  • Video conferencing in high definition - for small businesses and family and friends;
  • Interactive health demonstrations designed to help keep older Australians active, in their homes for longer; and
  • Interactive games and applications guests can trial.

The demonstrations aim to bring to life how the NBN can be used to allow families, businesses and institutions, including schools and hospitals, to share content faster, access better services, and stay in touch with family and friends, regardless of where they are.

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