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Building with nbn gives developers competitive advantage, new research shows

22 June 2022

  • New research shows four out of five buyers expect an nbn® network connection in their newly built home#  
  • nbn’s New Developments team has delivered nbn network access to more than 1.2 million newly developed properties nationally  
  • More than 150 phone and internet providers across Australia offer plans over the nbn network 

New research shows four out of five buyers already expect an nbn network connection# in their newly built home, which gives developers who provide it a valuable selling point for their properties.  

And now nbn is now giving developers even more reasons to go with its wholesale broadband access network, having begun a new effort to expand its offerings to support the development of smart properties, communities, and cities across the country in ways that drive competitive advantages for developers. 

This includes nbn® Smart Places#, the latest example of nbn looking ahead – investing in innovation today so Australians are ready for tomorrow – and giving developers a point of difference for their project.

nbn will use innovative new equipment – miniaturised, ruggedised and reverse-powered network connection devices – that enables the power of the nbn network to be delivered to demanding outdoor locations that just aren’t serviceable using standard equipment. 

nbn is already running a Smart Places pilot program at 35 locations across the country. Through this pilot program, the innovative technology is installed or is in the process of being delivered in a wide range of scenarios: traffic lights, electric vehicle charging stations, public parks and skate parks, as well as in conjunction with the operation of water infrastructure. 

The trials have been such a success that, as of June 2022, developers can now place orders for the construction of the infrastructure as part of their property development project, for construction after 1 January 2023##.

Making this innovative new product part of the development will give developers an edge, both in terms of managing costs and complexities, but also attracting buyers and tenants that are increasingly aware of the value of broadband infrastructure when choosing their newly built property. 

These days, more people and businesses are looking for fast, reliable, and secure broadband outside the four walls of their homes and business premises. This is especially important as Australia embraces the potential of smart buildings, communities, and cities, as well as the world of possibilities created by the Internet of Things (IoT).  

nbn Smart Places will bring the power of the nbn network to outdoor locations, the places where people are spending more of their time and wanting to enjoy the benefits of smart devices, applications and solutions. 

The value to new property developments is enormous because the potential applications are near limitless. 

Research shows buyers and renters see value in smart solutions powered by the nbn network### – a network which is designed for enduring value and dependability.

nbn Smart Places is just one of a suite of proposed new offerings to developers over the next few years to ensure Australia’s future communities are smart, efficient and connected. 

These new offerings are backed by nbn, which delivers more experience, more investment, more connections, and more choice for Australia:   

  • More Experience: As part of Australia’s largest wholesale network operator, our dedicated and experienced nbn New Developments team has delivered network access to more than 1.2 million new development premises nationwide. 
  • More Investment: nbn has secured $4.5 billion in funding to advance the reach and capability of the network and to help enhance the digitisation of Australian businesses and deepen connectivity support for rural and regional communities.   
  • More Connections: nbn is a name that Australians know and love, and our network provides the digital connectivity for 8.5 million premises nationwide, with 950,000 businesses now ready for service with nbn network connectivity.   
  • More Choice: The nbn network includes the largest selection of retail broadband providers, giving customers the power of choice and the confidence that comes with competition among a wide array of retail service providers, all of which are competing to offer the best value to customers.   
  • More for Australia: As the Australian national broadband network, nbn is proudly capable of supporting 12.1 million homes and businesses, and trusted to power the growth and development of a prosperous Australia, now and into the future.   
The announcement of the nbn Smart Places initiative coincides with a fresh marketing campaign to demonstrate the benefits of the nbn network to new property development projects, not just for builders, and development consultants, but also for buyers and renters of newly built properties

NBN Co’s Executive General Manager, New Developments, Andrew Walsh said:   

“The team works closely with property developers every day to understand what they want to do, how they want to do it, and how we can help them realise their vision.

“Developers have told us they want broadband infrastructure partners who save or make them money, are easy to build and work with, deliver reliably to their schedules, and add value to their projects.  So, that’s exactly what we are working to deliver. 

“We want to provide a product that delivers now and for the future, a product that we build once, build right and build at the right price, a product that adds real and enduring value to the developer and their customers, the buyers and renters.”  

Important notes:

# nbn Smart Places is under consultation with industry and subject to change. While not yet available, nbn is now accepting orders for the construction of nbn Smart Places infrastructure for eligible non-premises locations in new property developments with construction starting construction after 1 January 2023. Service connectivity availability, including timing, is dependent on retail service providers offering retail services utilising nbn Smart Places. 

## An end customer’s experience, including the speeds actually achieved over the nbn network, depends on the nbn access network technology and configuration over which services are delivered to their premises, whether they are using the internet during the busy period, and some factors outside nbn’s control (like the end customer’s equipment quality, software, broadband plan, signal reception and how their service provider designs its network). 

### According to research by Ergo Strategy commissioned by nbn, 2022. Note that “connection” in this context means that premises have the necessary nbn network infrastructure in place to enable the buyer or occupant to order a broadband service from their choice of retail service providers. The connection of their broadband service may be subject to provision of hardware (e.g., a gateway device) from their retail service provider. 

Case study:  

 A case study of one of the nbn Smart Places trials is available on request.

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