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Brunswick NBN construction contract signed with Telstra

12 August 2010

Presentation to the Australian Information Industry Association

NBN Co Limited, the company responsible for the delivery and operation of the national broadband network, today announced it had signed a contract with Telstra to construct the passive optical fibre network in Brunswick, Victoria.

Brunswick is one among five First Release sites around Australia for the initial rollout of the national broadband network.

Head of Construction, Patrick Flannigan, said NBN Co was pleased the contract is now in place with Telstra demonstrating potential construction solutions that are possible through an efficient use of the Telstra infrastructure in Brunswick.

"We will be offering to install a free standard configuration fibre-to-the-premises connection to home and business owners within the Brunswick site and those premises will then be NBN ready when retail service providers start to use our network to offer high-speed broadband services," he said.

NBN Co announced the first release sites in March and these sites were selected to allow NBN Co to test the rollout in areas of different terrain, housing type and density, demographics, climate, existing infrastructure and other local factors.

The construction of the passive optical network is the first of three phases of work outlined by NBN Co when it announced the first release sites. Construction is planned to start in Brunswick within weeks.

The second phase will see NBN Co deploy some of the active network equipment in the Fibre Access Nodes. This is the equipment that allows NBN Co to "light up" the fibre in readiness for service delivery

"Phase three will see the installation completed as we provide access to our network for the RSP and they in turn connect the end user to begin their trials," Mr Flannigan said.

NBN Co has already started the process of community consultation regarding its plans, with information sessions conducted in Brunswick. In fact, the underground design for Brunswick addresses many of the concerns that were raised in the information sessions held in April and May. Further information and opportunities for discussion will be provided prior to the commencement of construction.

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