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"NBN Co achieves year-end 758,000 premises construction commenced"

11 January 2013

NBN Co slightly exceeded its target to have construction commenced or completed in areas covering 758,000 premises before the end of 2012. The total number of premises in areas where construction had commenced or completed was 784,592 by year end.

Announcing the milestone, NBN Co CEO Mike Quigley thanked staff, contractors and suppliers: “The National Broadband Network is an ambitious project which requires the efforts of many people working cooperatively towards a common goal. To have achieved our year-end target is both pleasing for all involved and a clear indication that the NBN project is ramping up to full volume rollout.

“I particularly thank our network planning and design team, our contract managers and our construction partners for their efforts. By working together to achieve this year-end outcome the combined project team has established the settings to reach the peak rollout target of passing over 6000 premises a day by 2015,” Mr Quigley said.

To date, NBN Co has contracted with four construction companies to build the local network through the streets:
  • Silcar - NSW, Queensland and the ACT
  • Visionstream - Tasmania
  • Transfield - Victoria; and
  • Syntheo (a Lend Lease/Service Stream joint venture) - Northern Territory, South Australia and Western Australia.

We look forward to working closely with these construction partners to achieve our end June 2013 target of 286,000 premises passed.

Rhonda Griffin

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Mobile: 0428 134 401

Notes to Editors

  • Construction commences when NBN Co issues contract instructions to its contractors for a Fibre Service Access Module (FSAM)
  • Each FSAM covers on average 2000 to 3000 premises. The month after contract instructions are issued, NBN Co releases FSAM maps on its website giving more detailed information about the streets covered.
  • Work takes place in a number of phases, beginning with detailed design, survey and physical inspection of pit-and-pipe infrastructure to assess condition and the availability of space for additional fibre.
  • This is followed by a period of infrastructure remediation, where necessary, then rollout of the passive network, installation of the active network, testing and switch on.
  • The Government's objective is for NBN Co to rollout fibre optic broadband, designed to offer its Retail Service Provider customers wholesale download speeds of up to 100 megabits per second*, to 93 per cent of Australian premises by June 2021.
  • The remaining premises are expected to receive high-speed broadband via fixed-wireless or satellite, with the rollout of both services expected to be complete by 2015.
  • NBN Co is a wholesale company, and those wishing to switch their phone and internet to the National Broadband Network need to speak to their telephone or internet service provider. These are listed at
  • For more information visit

*NBN Co is designing the NBN to be capable of delivering these speeds to NBN Co's wholesale customers (telephone and internet service providers). Speeds actually achieved by retail customers (end users) will depend on a number of factors including the quality of their equipment and in-premises connection, the broadband plans offered by their service provider and how their service provider designs its network to cater for multiple end users


NBN Co achieves year-end 758,000 premises construction commenced or completed target

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