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List your details on nbn’s national Medical Alarm Register

15 June 2016

nbn is today reminding all people with medical alarms or devices to sign up to its national Medical Alarm Register.

The information on the Register helps identify households with medical alarms and where support may be needed to help minimise a break in service. 

Individuals also need to speak to their device or retail provider about their current medical alarm, as existing devices may not be compatible with the new nbn™ network and are unlikely to work during a power blackout.

nbn’s Executive General Manager of Migrations, Katarzyna Stapleton, said: “It’s important those using a medical device register early and begin the process now to help us identify households which may need assistance during the rollout of the nbn™ network.

“Minimising disruptions to services such as medical alarms during the rollout of the nbn™ network is an issue we take extremely seriously.

“If you are already using the nbn™ network and have your medical alarm connected to it, it is a timely reminder to check your alarm compatibility with your medical alarm provider and fully understand the implications of a power outage and consider your options”.

The nbn™ network is a complete upgrade to Australia’s current fixed line telephone infrastructure and the company has been working closely with medical alarm providers since 2010 to develop solutions to device compatibility challenges.

This has resulted in a number of support initiatives for medical alarm users, including a national register of medical alarm users, letters sent to everyone who is having the nbn installed in their area with information about medical alarms, extra advice provided over the phone and in-person visits in some cases.

Individuals using professionally monitored medical alarms that are compliant with the Australian Standard, AS4607-1999 may be eligible for migration to a new system that does not rely on a fixed line connection. Individuals should contact their alarm provider for more details.

Individuals using a medical alarm or alert (or a family member, carer or friend) can list a medical alarm on the nbn Medical Alarm Register by calling 1800 227 300 or completing the online form at




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Mobile: 0417 256 709




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Notes to editors:

Action checklist

  • Call nbn on 1800 227 300 or visit and register your medical alarm.
  • Call your medical alarm, autodialler or emergency call button provider for advice and to find out if your services will work on the nbn™ network, and what alternative solutions are available.
  • Call your phone or internet provider and tell them you need the same Priority Assistance Service levels over the nbn™ network (if applicable).
  • Test your medical device and alarms are working after any changes are made.

nbn has an integrated package of measures to support these medical alarm users through the transition to the nbn™ network.


  • Medical Alarm Register – register your details with us so we can identify where extra advice and support might be needed during your household’s transition to the nbn™ network. 
  • Letters sent to all homes and businesses nbn is aware of with information about medical alarms and the nbn™ network in areas the network is available.
  • Information pamphlets about medical alarms distributed through a number of channels
  • Individual contact to provide extra advice to users who are registered on the Medical Alarm Register
  • Collaboration with monitored medical alarm providers nationally on a strategy to replace monitored medical alarms in coming years with new units that do not rely on a fixed line connection, where this is necessary, to assist providers with continuity of their services.

These initiatives have been developed with federal and state government departments and the Personal Emergency Response System Association (PERSA).

List your details on nbn’s national Medical Alarm Register

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