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Akamai report shows again the nbn™ network is critical to bridging the digital divide

20 December 2016

Akamai ‘State of The Internet’ Q3 report released

The latest report from Akamai again confirms the need to complete the rollout of the nbn™ network as soon as possible.

nbn is connecting new users at the fastest rate yet seen in Australia, with more than 20,000 new homes now joining the nbn™ network every week, up from 10,000 new homes a week last year. In the past week alone, nbn connected 23,569 new homes.

nbn is building broadband across  the entire nation, bringing universal connectivity to every community across the country. More than 3.6 million homes are now in the nbn™ footprint, which is more than one third of the country.

Of the 1.6 million homes or businesses already connected, many could be taking the advantage of higher speed packages from their telco retailers. At the end of 18 month migration window, 74% of homes and businesses who can order a service, have moved to the nbn™ network – and this is line with nbn’s Corporate Plan. nbn encourages everyone to ask their retailers about the most appropriate speed plan for them.



  • The Akamai Report is not a measure of nbn’s wholesale speeds; it is a measure of retail broadband speeds across a range of different providers, including nbn, but predominantly ADSL lines.  Any comment that the report reflects nbn™ services is incorrect.
  • The Akamai Report tests more than 10 million Australian internet lines – mostly ADSL services. The nbn™ network currently has just over 1.6 million premises connected.  It’s important to note that of the nbn™ services that may be included, the purchased speed tier will dictate the end users service that is tested – not what the nbn™ cable is potentially able to deliver. For example, a home can get a 100Mbps speed but they have bought from their retailer a 25/5 speed plan.
  • In terms of average peak retail connection speeds, Australia is sitting at 57th in the world at 46.9Mbps, which is an increase of 12 per cent year on year.
  • Australia is now 50th in the world in terms of average connection speed at 9.6Mbps, which is a 23 per cent increase year on year.


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Akamai report shows again the nbn™ network is critical to bridging the digital divide

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