Hear from our graduates

What can you expect in your first few weeks in NBN Co’s Graduate Program?

This is an exciting time for you and us. Prepare to be inspired. Our tailored program starts with an on-boarding workshop that provides you with an understanding of the organisation and introduces the key concepts for succeeding in the workplace.

Here’s a quick snapshot of what previous candidates have had to say about the program :

Our orientation was really welcoming. It was great to hear about all the different business units and see how passionate everyone is about working here.


2019 Engineering, Advanced Manufacturing & Mechatronic graduate

My first week made me realise that I was not ‘just a grad’. I feel encouraged to be fearless and to be an active participant in my program rotations.


2019 IT, Information Systems graduate

During orientation I felt immediately connected to a meaningful purpose and to a group of people who were genuinely supporting me and my career.


2019 Commerce graduate

In my orientation, I loved learning about the culture, being fearless, and not being afraid to speak up when you have an idea.


Bachelor of Mechatronics Engineering/Bachelor of Commerce

In my orientation, I loved meeting all my fellow graduates and seeing how passionate all the employees are about their respective teams.


Bachelor of Business

In my first few days, I learnt about the future of nbn and how the organisation plans to move forward beyond 2020.


Bachelor of E-Business

You’ll get to meet your mentor and champion. This person will support you every step of the way helping you to become successful in both the program and your career with nbn. They are well placed to pass on invaluable knowledge on organisational culture, structure and processes.

Our Graduate Program Lead will also be on hand to ensure a smooth transition into nbn and provide individual and group support not only in the first few weeks but throughout your program. You‘ll even get to meet our previous graduates – giving you the perfect opportunity to tap into their knowledge as you take your first steps in the Graduate Program at nbn.


We deliver
Bachelor of Commerce (Finance & Marketing)

From a very young age, my parents instilled in me that being in a position to give back to those less fortunate was a gift that I should never take for granted. Everyone has a story to tell, enriched with unique experiences and life lessons that we rarely get to experience ourselves.

Giving back is in nbn’s DNA. As a company devised with the mission of ‘Connecting Australia’ and effectively bridging the digital divide between regional and metropolitan Australia, I knew that this was an organisation that I wanted to work for. By doing so, Australians from all walks of life are able to gain equal access to the same tele-health services, educational tools, and business opportunities as each other. I hope that during my time at nbn, I will be able to make a difference and contribute to unleashing Australia’s digital potential.

At work, we are constantly challenged to ask questions, get involved, and think outside of the box; inspired by stories voiced by end-users and RSPs who acknowledge the fundamental benefits of nbn’s work within the Australian community. During the Graduate Program application process, I expressed the importance of giving back to the community to my personal and career development. nbn and the Graduate Lead took that into consideration, and provided me with the opportunity to join the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) team during my upcoming second rotation. During this time, I will have the chance to implement a company-wide CSR program that will provide employees with the chance to give back to the community in more ways than one. I can’t wait to get involved.

2019 Graduate
Bachelor of Information & Communication Technology

I believe that being part of a strong and supportive team is a key factor of success. I think it is important for everyone to be comfortable engaging with people around them to ensure that everyone can offer their input to team challenges and decisions. When people from diverse backgrounds come together, they bring with them different ideas and perspectives. Listening, understanding and working with others has been one of the best ways I’ve learned and developed.

From my first day, it was clear that this value was also a part of the company’s culture. I really have become a part of ‘one team’. Everyone I’ve met is passionate about the work they’re doing to connect Australia and bridge the digital divide. My current team’s role is to analyse network data and produce tools and insights that help other teams make important decisions. This means having strong relationships with each area of the business to understand the role they play and how they can be more effective and efficient.

As part of the graduate program I have a large support network around me which includes a buddy, mentors, rotational managers, a graduate lead and other members of the graduate program. Each person I get to work with takes the time to explain any questions I have and is genuinely passionate about helping me learn and grow. By working in a strong and supportive team, it is giving me the greatest opportunity to develop my knowledge and skills for the future.

2019 Graduate
Bachelor of Business

I was a quirky kid, and I’m still a bit eccentric, I guess. This is the first workplace I’ve felt I could be myself.

The people here show a level of care that comes from a genuine place and is continuously shown through the actions of my peers in my Business and Sales Marketing rotation. The complex nature of the nbn™ [broadband access] network and the associated technical language can immediately feel overwhelming. My team have gone above and beyond in ensuring I fully understand everything. My rotation manager takes the time to explain unknown areas, draw out diagrams to help me visualise and arrange meetings with other teams with specialist knowledge.

The evidence of people caring extends to the network and service they strive to deliver. Playing their part in one of the largest infrastructure projects Australia has ever seen is something that everyone takes seriously. In just two weeks, I have witnessed a truly collaborative effort in creating both a better nation and the best environment for employees.

2018 Graduate
Bachelor of Commerce

It was daunting to be the new kid on the team on my first day here, but I was welcomed with open arms. It’s a community of workers from different cultures and backgrounds, working together to connect Australia, but also to help each other grow in our professional lives. 

The best example of this is when I was asked to give a presentation, my first one here. Everyone in my immediate team contributed to make sure my presentation looked great. They took time out of their schedules, encouraged me and gave me helpful feedback. Their time investment reflected the belief that my success meant the team's success, which in turn meant the company’s success. I've seen how this belief in working together appears at every level of the company. It’s a great place to learn how to be a team player.

We are one team
Bachelor of Science in Information Technology
Diploma Information Technology Professional Practice

For years I have been competing in Japanese Sword Martial Arts. I was inspired by my coaches who, when they competed, would almost change physically. Each one of them felt and looked as if they grew 10 times larger. It didn’t matter whether their opponents were stronger as individuals; they’d always push through and beat the odds. This has inspired me – I want to emulate my Kendo experiences  in day-to-day life.

Competing as a team is a completely different experience; although there is a lot of pressure to make more strategic moves and ultimately win, I enjoy the powerful emotions of success that come when you win as a team. I also enjoy the fact that even in the roughest of times I can compete fearlessly, knowing my team mates have my back, and I have theirs.

At nbn, I enjoy working with a team that are fearless when the stakes are raised - people that are able to support and rely on each other. There’s nothing better than working as a single unit – as one team. It’s this environment that enables me to grow and achieve my goals.

My current team is working to deliver quality results in a restricted time frame. My job is to map out the processes that will assist them in bringing the nbn™ broadband access network to Australians efficiently and effectively. In order to provide clear processes, I am constantly asking questions and building up my knowledge to better understand the network. This requires me to regularly engage with my team members, and in return I am working hard to absorb and learn everything around me.

2019 Graduate
Juris Doctor, Law

I’m surrounded by people who care about a shared goal – of connecting the nation. The people here are central to making this a reality, and it’s illustrated by the support colleagues show for one another.

On my first day, I was welcomed with balloons and salt and vinegar chips (my favourite snack) on my desk. Colleagues from my extended team invited me out for coffee to help me understand what they do and to share their insights on how to make the most out of the graduate program.

Coming to ‘Telco’ with a law background, I wasn’t sure what to expect of my first rotation. The graduate lead worked with me to understand my interests and career goals and found a team where I could put my studies into practice. For my next rotation, I get to determine which business unit I’d like to work in. Every graduate is treated as an individual – our goals and desires are central to our journey within the company.

My team is constantly looking for opportunities for me to learn and develop my skills, whether it be attending meetings, training, professional development sessions or off-sites. During my first few weeks in the team I had the opportunity to travel to Melbourne to attend customer meetings, as well as visit a Telstra Exchange to see how the MTM (nbn™ Multi Technology Mix) works.

I could not have anticipated the level of genuine care shown by the people I have encountered. I’m grateful to be starting my career surrounded by people who are so invested in my professional and personal development.

2018 Graduate
Bachelor of Business & Commerce

The nation’s eyes are on us to deliver a high-speed wholesale broadband network. Everyone here is truly committed to this mission and stand by the company’s values. Our transparency and focus on improving the end customer’s experience is throughout the organisation and everyone here is empowered to deliver on this promise.

During my graduate program rotations, I’ve been fortunate to work in a variety of teams that all contribute in different ways. In the Security Group, I was able to assist with programs to educate employees about security risks and conduct risk analysis on our Delivery Partners to ensure the network we’re delivering is safe and secure. On another rotation in Commercial Finance, I was able to provide key insights and track areas of interest to better enable our Network Engineering and Operations team to deliver a faster, more reliable network.

I look forward to taking on more exciting opportunities in my final year of the program.

* The views expressed are the genuine views of graduates undertaking the NBN Co Graduate Program.