About the nbn™ Graduate Program

Inspire your career with tailored rotations. Collaborate with championship teams. Connect Australia.

The nbn™ Graduate Program is a tailored, rotation based program. Our aim is to inspire graduates with exposure to a range of stimulating and varied roles across a number of business areas within nbn.


As a graduate in the eighteen month business program, you will have the opportunity to experience three different roles across the business, with a six month rotation in each business unit.

We endeavour to specifically match your roles to your area of study and career interests, providing exposure to various areas of the business and the opportunity to further your understanding of the organisation.



The eighteen month technology program provides you with the ability to hone your craft through three different six month rotations within the organisation.
Throughout these rotations, you’ll gain valuable experience in different technologies allowing you to build your knowledge of the network and business.

As a graduate at nbn, you’ll have the opportunity to work for a national company with highly regarded professionals, enabling you to develop a varied skillset in a dynamic environment. It’s the perfect launching pad for our new generation of future leaders and innovators.  

And most importantly you’ll be playing a part in bringing one of Australia’s largest infrastructure projects to life. 

Graduate mentors and support 

We are one team, and passionate about supporting your success. Once you join our program, you will be paired with a Senior Business Leader who will support your ongoing development. This Senior Business Leader will not only mentor you throughout the program, but will act as an invaluable point of contact and knowledge.

They will also identify areas for professional growth, review your strengths and opportunity areas, assist you in broadening your network, and ultimately launch your career with nbn. We are a true believer of championship teams; therefore, your mentor will be from outside of the academic stream to assist with diversity of thought and experience.

You’ll also have a champion to support you through the program. Your champion will be a supportive contact within your sponsoring function with a similar background to your career aspirations. A great point of contact for subject matter expertise and advice – they will help to tailor your rotations to the talent needs of nbn.

As one team, we are all here to offer support, helping to guide you through every aspect of the Graduate Program.

Graduate learning and development

Spark your curiosity with a learning and development program – specifically designed to support your on-the-job learning and to help guide you on the path to becoming a future leader/innovator. Together with your mentor and rotation manager you’ll have the opportunity to build a personal development plan that will help you improve your performance and effectiveness on the job. It will also help in preparing you for future career opportunities within nbn.

In addition, throughout the program you will take part in numerous purpose built graduate workshops, and participate in regular networking opportunities with your graduate cohort.  Most importantly you will have the opportunity to practice the skills you’ve learnt on the job every day. 

Your learning and development is very important to us. We will continue to support you after you have successfully completed the Graduate Program with a clear career plan as you rise through the ranks at nbn.


Interested in contributing to Australia’s future? We're looking for outstanding individuals who can grow into future innovative leaders. To be eligible for the nbn™ Graduate Program you:

  • Will have completed an undergraduate degree in the past two years or are due to complete your degree prior to commencement. 
  • Must be an Australian or New Zealand citizen or Australian permanent resident when you apply.

In addition you will be able to demonstrate your ability to:

  • Be a self-starter
  • Collaborate
  • Communicate effectively
  • Deliver results
  • Manage ambiguity
  • Demonstrate self-awareness
  • Manage complexity
  • Plan & Align