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Powering communities with nbn® Smart Places

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Discover how Peet partnered with nbn to transform Australian communities with innovation and sustainability using nbn® Smart Places.

In a world driven by connectivity, Australian property developer, Peet Ltd specialises in building and supporting smart connected communities. By embracing innovation and sustainability, Peet collaborated with nbn to revolutionise the way Australian families, businesses, investors, and partners experience community life.

In the heart of Perth lies Brabham Estate. Peet in partnership with Development WA, embarked on a journey to create a visionary urban space that goes beyond bricks and mortar.

Brabham Estate stands on a foundation of sustainability and innovative urban design.

This design recently earned a prestigious 6-star 'Green Star' community recognition from the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) rating system. Highlighting Peet’s dedication to environmentally conscious living.

Beyond the realm of sustainability, Peet went the extra mile to enable residents to not only experience sustainable living but also to enjoy reliable1, high-speed internet connectivity that extended beyond their homes, reaching into the streets and parks of the community.

To achieve this vision, Peet collaborated with nbn New Developments, to pilot (via their chosen retail provider) nbn® Smart Places2, the latest innovative extension to the nbn fibre network, a component of the nbn network.

A smarter connected community

nbn Smart Places takes the nbn Fibre network a step further, reaching diverse outdoor locations using a small, reverse powered, robust network termination device that go beyond the capabilities of standard equipment.

This device not only expands the reach of internet access to previously potentially underserved outdoor zones, it also empowers a range of smart technologies such as traffic lights, CCTV, smart poles, outdoor EV Car Chargers, and public Wi-Fi.

“Today's living is all about connectivity and one of the most important things that residents need is fast and reliable1 internet. Now, with the installation of nbn Smart Places product onsite, we offer an added layer of community benefits across Australia,” says Peet Project Director Craig Raynor.

OneWiFi played a key role in piloting, via their retail provider, nbn Smart Places through a smart bench in Honeycomb Park in Brabham Estate. This device powers high-performance public Wi-Fi and a wireless phone charging station.

As one of Australia’s leading end-to-end Smart City solutions, OneWiFi shares Peet’s vision of creating connected communities. The collaboration speaks volumes about the potential that nbn Smart Places has unlocked, transforming Brabham Estate into a dynamic, interconnected hub to enhance residents’ wellbeing and strengthen the essence of community.

“Our vision is that Brabham Estate will enhance the well-being of its residents, as well as maintain the natural vibrancy of the region. nbn and OneWiFi have helped us in this journey with the infrastructure that supports the ability to create a connected, smart community for our Brabham residents,” Raynor added.

The building and construction sector is the nation’s third-largest industry. Therefore, nbn New Developments is the ideal partner to empower this sector, not only in building communities but also in powering the future of smart cities.

nbn® Smart Places has been created to enable that,” says nbn Executive General Manager for New Developments Andrew Walsh.

“The flexible ways of working many of us are seeing has increased end-user reliance on a stable network at locations both inside and outside their home. The infrastructure provided by developers is critical to ensuring we’re able to live, work and play in a connected society, paving the way for smart cities.”

“As a property owner or resident of a property that harnesses the fibre connectivity of the nbn network, your new development will be equipped to support a technological future. With our latest Smart Places offering, we’re paving the way for you to access reliable1 internet connectivity outdoors via your retail provider2.” Walsh added.

nbn Smart Places, robust network termination device

Choosing the right partner

The collaboration with nbn New Developments is pivotal to Peet. As nbn is familiar with the complexities of development projects and the need for flexibility.

“Working with nbn is something I would recommend to other property developers,” Raynor said.

The nbn New Developments team worked with Peet -- to deliver the infrastructure to homes during the construction phase, to ensure the final stage of connection is not delayed.

“One of the reasons we chose nbn is because they are a trusted and proven wholesale communications provider which gives us and our residents confidence,” Raynor said.

“We know we can rely on nbn to support our sustainability efforts, continue innovating and enabling expanded connectivity across our communities.”

The Smart Places deployment at Brabham demonstrates how nbn, with help from nbn Smart Solutions Partners like OneWiFi, is helping Australia build connected communities. Enabling families and friends to connect no matter the distance between them, and creating the infrastructure that supports Australia’s burgeoning digital economy.

nbn is currently accepting applications for Smart Places builds to non-premises locations in their existing nbn Ready for Services (RFS) fixed-line footprint and new developments. The availability of service connectivity will depend on service providers offering nbn Smart Places, with timing subject to provider discretion.


1 Your experience, including the speeds actually achieved over the nbn network, depends on the nbn access technology and configuration over which services are delivered to your premises, whether you are using the internet during the busy period, and some factors outside of nbn’s control (like your equipment quality, software, chosen broadband plan or how your provider designs its network).

2 nbn is accepting applications for builds to non-premises locations in our existing nbn Ready For Services (RFS) footprint and new developments. Service connectivity availability will depend on Internet providers offering nbn Smart Places, and timing of product availability will be at provider discretion. Previously connected Smart Places locations and new developments with pre-built Smart Places infrastructure will not require a nbn network build.

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