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Choose your level of service

nbn™ powered plans may come with standard service levels between nbn and your service provider, which can be enhanced to provide faster rectification of faults within nbn’s control and a wider window of time during which these faults can be addressed.

Providers have the option to add these enhanced service levels to the data plans they offer you. This means nbn will provide a higher level of support to your provider, who in turn should be able to provide a better level of support to you.

Operational period

The hours of the day during which your provider is able to address faults range from 8am-5pm to 24 hour periods.

Response time

How long it takes for your provider to let you know your issue is being addressed.

Rectification time

This is the maximum length of time your provider should expect it to take nbn to rectify a fault within nbn’s control once it’s been responded to.