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The tool to test your digital capability

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To help customers better understand their digital skills and how to advance them, we recently launched the nbn™ Digital Capability Tool.

When it comes to your digital capability, what rating would you give yourself? How well do you think you manage your data and devices? And how digitally literate are you?

The answers to these questions – and more – are now within easy reach, thanks to our new nbn™ Digital Capability Tool.

Lifting Australia’s digital capability

In an increasingly digital world, being able to communicate online with family and friends, operate ‘smart’ devices, and store data safely and securely are among the important skills needed.

With our purpose being to lift Australia’s digital capability, this primarily comes in the form of providing access to services over the nbn™ network.

Yet, it also comes through our desire to help those who use it – more than eight million homes and businesses – to better understand how to access these services and engage digitally over our network.

That’s why, to help identify opportunities to advance our digital skills and optimise the way we’re all using connectivity, nbn recently launched this easy-to-use, online tool.

In an increasingly digital world, being able to communicate online with family and friends, operate ‘smart’ devices, and store data safely and securely are among the important skills needed.

How the tool helps

While digital capability in Australia continues to improve, the gap between the measured capability of Australians in regional, rural and remote Australia, compared to metropolitan areas, remains wide.

Our new self-assessment tool aims to help by enabling nbn, its partners and industry stakeholders to better understand what’s needed to lift capability, and where that need is most acute.

We’re excited to see how the tool can play a role in helping to support the broad range of digital literacy and skills initiatives already active in the community.

So, what’s your digital persona?

The nbn™ Digital Capability Tool is available now to anyone who’d like to confirm where they’re at on their digital journey – and where there may be opportunities for improvement.

The tool has been mindfully designed to acknowledge and celebrate an individual’s current capability while demonstrating a pathway to continuous self-improvement.

Importantly, when it comes to completing the self-assessment, there are no wrong answers.

To assess and understand your digital capability, the tool asks a series of questions before assigning a persona to match your current skill level: Cautious Adopter, Digitally Responsive, Pragmatist, Problem Solver, Learner, Lifestyler, Visionary or, the most advanced, Digital Leader.

Once the assessment is complete, you’ll be guided towards a curated Resource Library containing relevant resources designed to help lift your digital skills to the next level – and beyond – should you wish.

And you can take the assessment again whenever you like to track your digital capability progress.

“Using the nbn™ Digital Capability Tool to measure my digital skills was quick and easy.

“It’s straightforward to navigate, the questions are clear, and results are received in real-time – which means you can start upskilling, where needed, whenever you’re ready.”

Jenna Widdison
Manager at Regional Tech Hub

The tool for tomorrow, today

Whether working or studying from home during and in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, running a business across one or multiple sites, right through to staying connected to loved ones near and far, there are countless ways and ‘whys’ of using services over the nbn™ network.

To make sure you’re making the most of connectivity – whatever the reason – take our quick, 5-minute self-assessment today.

Together, we can help lift Australia’s digital capability for an even brighter tomorrow.

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