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Play it fair online this Safer Internet Day

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This Safer Internet Day, we’re reminding everyone to play it fair online with some simple tips to help make our online environment safer.

Every day, more than 8.4 million homes and businesses across Australia rely on the nbn™ network to access broadband services via internet providers. And while technology can make our lives easier – with everything from gaming and online entertainment to working and schooling from home – it’s important to be safe online and respectful when interacting with others.

That’s why Safer Internet Day – 8 February this year – is a timely reminder to use the internet safely and to approach interactions with others positively.

Supporting eSafety

nbn provides a secure and reliable wholesale broadband access network in Australia, and we’re committed to helping educate the community about how broadband can lift the digital capability of our nation and with that, the importance of safe internet use.

We’re proud to support the important work of eSafety – the world's first government agency solely committed to keeping citizens safer online – and the eSafety Commissioner, who plays an important role in helping to safeguard people at risk from online harm and to promote safer, more positive experiences online.

As individual internet users, we can also each do our bit by following simple tips that will benefit all.

Tips for playing fair

Here’s how you can help yourself and others play fair online:

Think before you post

Consider whether your actions are harmful to yourself or to others. If so, it’s a big no!

Update your security and privacy settings

Take a moment to check the privacy settings on your family’s devices and apps. A little time spent now can help save a lot of anguish later.

Take charge of your location settings

While location settings are handy for maps or ordering dinner, remember to turn them off when not needed –they can be used to track you.

Practice safe browsing

Don’t open suspicious links or unsolicited emails, and keep yourself up to date on current cyber threats.

Raise your voice about online abuse

If you see it, say it! Report online abuse to relevant platforms, the eSafety Commissioner or the police. Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and other social media sites provide community rules to follow. If you or someone you know sees something that’s not respectful, you can anonymously make a report and ask the site to remove it.

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What is Safer Internet Day?

A global initiative recognised in 170 countries, Safer Internet Day aims to raise awareness about online safety.

In Australia, Safer Internet Day is supported by the eSafety Commissioner with a range of resources including for schools, workplaces, and the wider community.

Find out more about eSafety and access resources.

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