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A big thumbs up for Scottsdale!

As the nbn™ network starts to roll into Scottsdale, we discover the agricultural town best known for its giant thumb statue and backdrop of rolling mountains.  

Towns and cities all across Australia are beginning to connect to the nbn™ network, so we’re celebrating the historic moments, landmarks and features that put each area on the map.

Situated 63km east of Launceston, Scottsdale is an agricultural hub, declared by its government surveryor namesake, James Scott, as having “the best soil in the island.”

It is this rich, fertile soil that has fuelled a number of successful industries including potato and dairy farming, pine plantations, poppy cultivation and, less directly, mining that the town is so well known for.

Scottsdale is equally rich in history and full of character, making the town such a special place to live for its close knit residents.

Could there be a more true-blue way to welcome residents and guests into town each day than a big thumbs up, complete with a “G’Day Mate” sign above? This universal symbol of welcome is hard to miss and pays homage to the friendly residents.

The town is littered with heritage buildings, like the Old Post Office built in the 1800s and the St Barnabas Church of England. Built in 1892 from timber, the church was the first apsidal building in Tasmania.

Other notable places include the quaint Anabel’s of Scottsdale, a National Trust Building in the centre of the town. Known for its stunning gardens, it is a particulary popular choice of accommodation in spring when surrounded by beautiful blooms.

The town’s museums pay tribute to a number of historical elements that make Scottsdale the town it is today. Dorset Museum displays an array of men and women’s vintage and old fashions, tools, kitchen artefacts and Dairy farm elements from the past.

On a day-to-day basis, locals enjoy a number of facilities including a sports stadium, golf course and outdoor swimming pool.

With a strong sense of community, unique history and close proximity to the aromatic Bridestowe Lavender Estate, it’s not hard to see why the people of Scottsdale love their town so much.

Now that the town can connect to the nbn™ network, the people of Scottsdale can enjoy living in their agricultural hub with unprecedented access to some of the fastest wholesale internet speeds in Australia.

In our next series we travel to Cabarlah, Queensland. Check out our On the Map homepage for more.

Welcome to the nbn™ network, Scottsdale! To find out if you can connect, check your address here:

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