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Generation Z: Tech's future gatekeepers

Generation Z are living their lives like no generation before, thanks to technology. 

The kids of today are on the verge of inheriting a fully digital world.

It seems that even before toddlers are able to speak or walk, they have learned how to scroll through digital devices.

Tablets and smart phones leading the way

As technology evolves, smartphones, tablets and computers are becoming a larger part of our children’s early learning development, education and entertainment lifestyle.

These are the perfect technological companions for naturally curious and active little ones who do not sit still for long!

Swiping or pressing a screen is also easier than the complicated motor skills required for using a mouse or keyboard.


These devices also allow kids to be taken on a visual journey, visit and explore new worlds, and even live as different characters.

The ability to use animations, sounds and pictures often helps to hold a toddler’s concentration for longer periods of time than a standard book or picture.

Apps for kids of all ages

An increasing range of apps are being created to aid in a child’s development. Many of these are developed with the aim of improving a toddler’s skill in:

• Numeracy
• Literacy
• Creativity skills
• Social skills
• Communication skills

There is also a market for devices that are designed specifically for toddlers and young children to play these apps on.

Parents reluctant to hand over their expensive tablet or smart phone are now able to purchase specialised tablets designed for kids, that won’t break the bank.

These devices tend to be scaled down versions of tablets, are filled with child-friendly apps and are designed to assist children in their early development.

Educational and early development skills

These devices and apps don’t just cover childhood education. They also teach early development skills such as:

• Potty training
• Healthy eating
• Exercise
• Art
• Hand-eye coordination

It’s not just in these fields that technology has helped toddlers. Sydney-based paediatric speech pathologist, Kirsten Wakefield uses an iPad with around 75 per cent of her young patients. She utilises different apps that help a child increase their focus and develop fine motor skills.

Hayley Simmonds, director of Earlybirds Speech Pathology, has also said that she uses tablets with kids as young as three. She believes that this device can help kids with language and early literary skills.

These devices also help parents who have children with learning difficulties to take therapy home with them to complete between sessions.

Building for the future

With Generation Z growing up with technology, the need for an improved internet and broadband network becomes more apparent.

The rollout of the nbn™ network ensures that when today’s toddlers are expanding the limits of technology, Australia’s broadband network is capable of soaring with them.

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