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Why 80 per cent of Aussies are turning to the side hustle

More and more Australians are turning to the internet to expand on their hobbies and make extra income.

Looking for more fulfilment in life and perhaps another source of income?

If you’re like many Australians, you’ll be making the most of your spare time to set up what’s known as a side hustle.

According to recent research commissioned by nbn, Aussies are predicted to build on their work and family life in 2017 in order to help increase fulfilment. Many will rely heavily on the internet to help them sell their skills and services.

Having a side hustle used to only be possible on a very small scale, however, the nbn™ Side Hustle Report has revealed that having an extra money making project is now a global trend that is quickly spreading.

The report found that the majority of Australians (80%) are looking to this as a way of finding fulfilment outside of work.

One in four are already going online outside of their regular job to pursue a passion or earn extra income.  

Australians love to ‘hustle’! 

Increased connectivity and DIY website platforms have helped to power the surge in Australian micro-businesses.

In fact, over one in three of us admit to having made money over the internet, with almost half of those connected to the nbn™ network saying that their side hustle is bearing financial fruit.

Australians looking for a side hustle are able to make the process of getting set up and established easier by following online tutorials and how-to-articles.

There is plenty of scope for inspiration on social media, with influencers all over the world turning their passions into profits.

For many ‘hustlers’, drawing in extra income is as straightforward as signing up to review products or services online in return for payments.

The research found that photography is a popular area for those looking to make money outside of their day job, as are food and drink related blogs and businesses.

Fashion, beauty and technology are also hobbies that people have turned into side hustles, with the help of vending platforms like ebay and etsy, or one-off job websites like Airtasker.

Why hustle? 

As well as making some extra cash, the key benefit of a side hustle is a greater sense of fulfilment and satisfaction.

The Report found that 80 percent of Australians are currently looking for fulfilment outside of work, meaning there is huge potential for personal growth through the pursuit of passion projects.

A side hustle can stay on the side or it can help Australians to channel their ambitions and grow an independently run venture into something substantial.

With access to fast broadband providing inspiration and the means to make things happen, there is potential to establish a whole new career. 

Finding a side hustle

January is the perfect time to set up a side hustle. It is the time of the year, according to the report, that 56 per cent of Aussies say they reassess their lives.

To help Australians find fulfilment in 2017, nbn has teamed up with The School of Life, a Melbourne-based institution that helps people find happiness in the areas of life, career and relationships.

According to ‘How to Find a Job You Love’ faculty leader Christian Stenta, “Fortunately, we’re not limited to our day job to feel challenged and fulfilled in life.

“Access to the nbn™ network could be the answer, with the majority of Australians surveyed saying that fast broadband opens up a world of opportunities to find inspiration as well as new markets to sell their product or service.”

nbn and The School of Life have created a guide to setting up a side hustle, after finding that the problem for many Australians is knowing where to start.

The guide shares how to choose a hobby and build on it as well as how to identify a niche in the market that people may be interested in paying for.

Whether you are working on your own blog, selling handmade jewellery or submitting graphic design work to clients outside of your day job, the great thing about having a side hustle is that you can spend as much or as little time on it as you want.

With the help of fast internet, the possibilities are endless and getting started is easier than ever.  

Are you one of the many Aussies interested in starting up a side hustle? The School of Life has some tips on how to get started.

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