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nbn™ ICT Channel Program building industry engagement

How we’re helping businesses transition smoothly to the nbn™ broadband access network with the help of ICT professionals.

The rollout of the nbn™ broadband access network is one of the biggest disruptions in the history of Australia’s telecommunications industry. Because of this, we want the industry and the nation’s businesses to be ready to benefit from it.

This is not just a fundamental transformation of the technology that provides homes and businesses across Australia with access to phone and internet services, it’s a chance for businesses of all sizes to seize the potential productivity, education and job-creation opportunities that access to fast broadband services can help unlock.

But when it comes to knowing just how to benefit from access to fast broadband, we are finding some businesses need help. We also know that, for many businesses, connecting to the nbn™ access network can be a confusing time. After all, it’s not just affected phone and internet services that will be disconnected but also affected critical applications like EFTPOS machines, security and fire alarms, as well as conferencing and collaboration facilities.*

To help businesses with this important transition, earlier this year we launched our first ever nbn™ ICT Channel Program. This is a dedicated program with a focus on equipping the ICT industry with the knowledge and tools to help businesses make the most of the opportunities that access to fast broadband brings.

This program provides online training to help specialist technology consultants understand how to connect to the nbn™ access network. It provides information on, as well as training and tools for, NBN Co’s wholesale products and network rollout. And it offers marketing support and channel management resources so businesses can transition to the digital economy.

An update on our progress

Since launching the program in April, we are pleased to say we have representation from more than 300 ICT organisations, and more than 75 of them are nbn™ business accredited advisers. Now we’ve taken the next step in evolving this important channel initiative with the appointment of four major technology distributors that will collaborate with NBN Co and work closely with our sales and marketing support teams to help ensure the nation’s businesses can get the information they need to get the most out of the nbn™ access network.

These value-added distributors – Dicker Data, Ingram Micro, Westcon-Comstor and Aria Technologies – will help educate and support their channel partners that are helping businesses migrate to the nbn™ access network and realise the transformation opportunities it helps to bring. By teaming up with these distributors and their thousands of partners, we are creating a far-reaching channel to provide the education, advice, services and solutions that businesses need as they transition to the nbn™ access network.

Ingram Micro’s Director – Cloud Services ANZ Lee Welch says:
“Being a strategic participant of NBN Co’s ICT Channel Program will enable our network to better migrate and integrate business-ready technology solutions over the nbn™ access network and service their clients more effectively during their transition, and beyond, with the new capabilities provided to them with cloud services.”

Westcon-Comstor’s Managing Director Phil Cameron says:
“Westcon-Comstor’s participation in NBN Co’s ICT channel program has helped us identify significant benefits partners can offer business customers moving services to the nbn™ access network and sees our partner network better positioned to service clients. Partners that have participated in the program will also be able to assist their customers to take advantage of a once-in-a-generation business transformation with solutions connected over the nbn™ access network."

Dicker Data’s General Manager – Software Pennie Stevens says:
“By being a strategic participant of the nbn™ ICT Channel Program, we’ll enable our partner network to access information to help them migrate and integrate business-ready modern technology solutions. This opens our partners up to the opportunity to service their clients with their connectivity transition and drive further uptake of our cloud services.”

Aria Technologies’ Director of Sales and Marketing Peter Williamson says:
“Aria Technologies is delighted to be participating in NBN Co’s ICT Channel Program. As a major distributor of [information technology and telecommunication] IT&T solutions to Australian businesses via our network of more than 300 channel partners, it is essential that we are at the forefront of the ever-changing technology landscape. The nbn™ access network is an industry game changer and this new program will help to equip our partners with the necessary know-how to educate and advise their business customers with authority.”

What’s next?

We know there is a gap in the market for this type of advice. Research we conducted shows that almost 40 per cent of Australian small to medium-sized businesses are seeking help from an ICT professional before migrating to the nbn™ access network.

And with close to 20,000 businesses migrating to the nbn™ access network every month, it’s an area that deserves attention.

For NBN Co, the nbn™ ICT Channel Program will play a crucial role in helping to pave a smooth migration path for businesses on to the nbn™ access network. And for participating ICT professionals, it represents an opportunity to connect with thousands of potential customers, and to provide them with advice on the services and technologies that will help their businesses grow.

Access to high-speed broadband isn’t just about faster downloads; it’s also about having access to the infrastructure that helps facilitate cloud computing, security applications, data analytics and the Internet of Things.^ These are crucial tools for any modern businesses wanting to grow, but with the right help and advice from participating ICT professionals, we know we can support those ambitions and help to grow Australia’s digital economy.

*Services provided over the nbn™ broadband access network will be replacing phone and internet services provided over most of the existing landline networks, including copper and the majority of HFC networks within the fixed line footprint. Services provided over existing fibre networks (including in-building, health and education networks) and some special and business services may not be affected. To find out if your services will be affected, please contact your current phone or internet provider. For more information, visit or call 1800 687 626.

^Your experience, including the speeds actually achieved over the nbn™ broadband access network, depends on the technology over which services are delivered to your premises and some factors outside our control (like your equipment quality, software, signal quality, broadband plan and how your service provider designs its network).

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