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Connecting your business to a plan over the nbn™ network

Accessing fast broadband can take your business to the next level, but how do you go about it? Here is a step-by-step guide and some words of wisdom from a company that has already benefited.

Access to fast broadband is kicking off a new golden era for local companies and may help to improve efficiency, bring down costs and facilate expansion.

The ways in which access to fast broadband may help a business excel in the modern marketplace are extensive.

Whether it be worldwide distribution, cloud-based computation, high-definition communication, virtual workspaces, improved marketing or simply a fast relationship with customers and stakeholders, the opportunities are almost endless.

The network rollout is zeroing in on its target of completing the rollout by 2020, and already 20,000 businesses a month are making the switch to plans over the nbn™ network with an internet or phone service provider.

This demand has inspired new investment at NBN Co to help ensure the switch for businesses to fast broadband is as seamless as possible.

The latter part of 2017 saw a host of announcements, including a discounted pricing model, an education campaign, and the assembly of an entire team focused on improving the connection and resolution process for businesses.

If you are thinking of connecting your business to a plan over the nbn™ network, now is the time.

Step-by-step guide to switching your business

All businesses require a smooth transition to the nbn™ access network with minimal disruption to their daily operations. To begin this migration with your best foot forward, just follow these simple steps.

Step 1: Make sure your business address is ready to connect.

Step 2: Notify your preferred phone or internet provider of your intention to switch to a plan over the nbn™ network and that you want your internet to continue working during the migration.

Step 3: Establish the telecommunications and data services your business requires. These services could include fax machines, an ATM, EFTPOS terminals, unified communications, cloud services or multiple phone lines.

Step 4: Establish the business equipment you will want connected to the network. This could include security systems, fire alarms, medical alarms, printers or data backup solutions.*

Step 5: Contact the providers of both your telecommunications and data services, and your business equipment, to make sure they are compatible with services over nbn™ access network.

Step 6: If you’re a small business or one operating out of home, consider the best installation spot and optimal Wi-Fi coverage conditions ahead of the migration.

Step 7: Compare your business plan options, and make sure you talk about your needs from Step 3 and Step 4 with your desired phone or internet provider to ensure you get the right speed and download package.

Step 8: Make the switch, and enjoy the opportunities provided by fast broadband.

If you need further help following the above steps, you can also try this interactive step-by-step guide.

Making the switch to fast business broadband with Make It APPen

One Australian company that’s already made a successful switch to a plan over the nbn™ network via a phone or internet provider is Make it APPen. Formed in Bendigo, Victoria, Make it APPen is the brainchild of Julie Mission.

Julie turned her wealth of knowledge and experience – earned as a nurse over 20 years – into a new career path. She did this by creating apps tailored towards healthcare professionals. These apps aim to enhance the care of patients by bringing critical information and instructional tools to mobile devices.

Julie considers herself to be a “lifestylepreneur” and a huge part of her business success revolves around the nbn access network. Before she made the switch to fast broadband, the company’s operation was a struggle.

“The internet would come to a grinding halt,” Julie revealed to NBN Co. “My husband and I both work from home and he had an online form he would need to access to complete his work. With our old connection, when he was using that form I was unable to work at the same time.”

As soon as services via the nbn™ access network were available, Julie made the switch.

“I rang the service provider we already used and booked in a day for the migration straight away,” she explains.

Julie’s experience since she switched her business to a plan over the nbn™ access network has been positive, and it’s helped Make it Appen grow. “I would recommend migrating your service over to the nbn™ access network.

“The internet is a lot quicker and we have none of the bandwidth problems we had before. We were provided with a better modem, too, and I can now use Wi-Fi throughout the house where previously there were blackspots.”

When asked to sum up what she loves most about switching her broadband to a plan over the nbn™ access network, Julie was quick to respond. “It’s just more efficient!” she said

If you wish to join the tens of thousands of Australian businesses switching across to fast broadband, make your first step with this helpful guide.

* The rollout of the nbn™ broadband access network will involve new technologies, and some existing devices (including many medical alarms, autodiallers and emergency call buttons) may not be compatible with these at all times. You should contact your device provider to find out if your alarm or other device will work when connected to the nbn™ broadband access network and what alternative solutions are available. For more information, visit

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