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nbn® Fibre TV troubleshooting

What is nbn Fibre TV?

nbn Fibre TV is a feature available in some of nbn’s New Developments Fibre to the Premises locations. It enables the carriage of television services to each premises via the nbn fibre network. It takes away the need for a standalone television distribution system in an apartment complex, or TV antenna / satellite dish on each home in a housing estate.

Looking for technical information on a nbn Fibre TV installation?
Discover more about the nbn Fibre TV installation process and its requirements.

Troubleshooting nbn Fibre TV

Premises served by nbn Fibre TV can sometimes experience issues with TV reception. This could include no signal, missing channels, or pixelated reception. You are encouraged to undertake the following troubleshooting steps to help determine and resolve the issue.

Please note the steps below are to help rectify issues with your nbn Fibre TV service. If your internet is not working as expected, check for any outages in your area or contact your phone and internet provider for further assistance.

Do you have more than one TV?

If you have multiple televisions and the issue is only occurring on one TV, it’s likely that TV tuning or your home cabling is causing the issue. If the problem is occurring on all your televisions, continue with the troubleshooting steps below.

Is the nbn Fibre TV receiver light on?

If not, check all connections are secure between the power point and the nbn Fibre TV receiver.

Is the nbn Fibre TV receiver light green?

If your nbn Fibre TV receiver light is green, check that the physical cabling connections are secure to both the nbn Fibre TV receiver and to the TV. You may also need to try re-tuning the TV. If problems persist, please call us for further assistance.

Is the nbn Fibre TV receiver light orange or red?

If your nbn Fibre TV receiver light is orange or red, please call us for further assistance.