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Understanding speed and data

Choosing the right nbn® powered plan through your phone and internet provider with the right amount of speed and data is vital – particularly in the digital world we live in today.

Here you’ll find a quick guide illustrating how speed and data can transform your online experience into something spectacular.

Understanding speed

Internet speed and bandwidth is how much information can be transferred across a network over a short period of time to your internet-enabled device (laptop, smartphone or tablet). The more bandwidth you have, the faster the connection, and the easier it will then be to upload, download, browse and stream.

Something for everyone

The nbn network now allows you to choose an nbn powered plan from your phone and internet provider based on speed. With a range of speeds on offer, depending on what you use the internet for, you can now experience fast broadband.

Choosing a speed to suit your needs

When choosing the right retail speed and nbn powered plan for your needs, it’s important you think about what you do on the internet. You may stream videos on your TV, have multiple tablets and computers online at once, or upload and download large files when you work from home.

Talk to your phone and internet provider about these activities when choosing an nbn powered plan – this will ensure you get the most out of your nbn network experience.

Understanding data

The amount of data you need depends on what you use the internet for, and how many people use your service. Every time you watch something on Netflix or YouTube, you’re downloading data from the internet to your device. The same goes if you’re posting an image to Facebook, or saving a file to ‘the cloud’ – you’re uploading data.

The way your nbn powered plan is set up can also have an effect on your usage. Some retail plans will include set limits on how much data you can upload and download, and some will offer no limits.

The key here is understanding your data needs. If you’re running a business from home and you need to send files via email regularly, it’s important to have a good upload speed. If you’re constantly streaming High Definition (HD) video content, it pays to have a good data and speed package.