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The nbn® network is only one part in the overall network connecting you to the internet.

Here we look at the elements involved in bringing you broadband through your chosen provider.

Equipment inside your premises

This includes your Wi-Fi router/modem, supplied by you or your provider.

nbn connection points

This includes nbn connections boxes and ports that deliver the network to your home.

nbn infrastructure

The technology used by the nbn network in your area will determine the type of connection device that’s installed at your premises and may affect your experience.

nbn point of interconnect POI

Where your provider connects to the nbn network, we call this the Point of Interconnect (POI). It’s at this point where they buy a certain amount of capacity from nbn that gives you access to the World Wide Web.

Domestic network

Your service provider’s domestic network can affect the quality of your connection. You may experience slower speeds depending on their capacity, particularly during peak periods.

International network

It’s at this point that your service provider connects to the international networks, effectively connecting Australia with the rest of the internet around the world. How they manage their capacity here could affect your experience.

The internet

Congestion can occur if many people are accessing a website at the same time, or if a content owner’s server capacity is limited.

Who does what?

nbn is responsible for the technology connecting your premises to the nbn network.

Your phone and internet service providers are responsible for everything from plans and pricing to the speed and capacity you enjoy when you access an international website. It’s important you take this into account when selecting which service provider you go with.

nbn - wholesaler

Responsible for information about the nbn network rollout including:

  • Building the nbn network
  • Faults, maintenance and outages in relation to the nbn network
  • Wholesale speeds delivered to your premises via your provider (depending on the technology)

Your phone or internet provider

Responsible for:

  • Providing your internet and phone services
  • Installation and post connection support
  • Network capacity and the speed you experience
  • Faults, maintenance and outages in relation to the provider’s network
  • The quality of your modem

Choose carefully as they’re responsible for a number of elements of the network that will affect your internet experience.

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