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Case study: Catholic Education Tasmania and TasmaNet


How business nbn® Enterprise Ethernet has helped increase accessibility and connectivity for 26 schools across a diverse educational network.*

Digital capability and digital equity challenges

Many of the institutions within the Tasmanian Catholic education sector are located in remote or regional towns. In the past, these areas have experienced limited or intermittent access to telecommunications infrastructure, digital technology and high-speed connectivity.

This digital divide within the network meant regional or remote schools were unable to utilise the same tools and education systems that the metropolitan schools were able to use, impacting the students, teachers and administrative staff. 

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"Our students can now access online learning services and applications that weren’t an option before. Our teachers have also benefited from increased opportunities for their professional learning. "


Astrid Goss

IT Manager, Catholic Education Tasmania

The business nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet solution

In partnership with nbn, CET and their service provider, TasmaNet, initiated a roll out of a business nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet solution. This has provided a higher network performance outcome and facilitated a more consistent  level of connectivity than previously experienced across the educational network’s 26 schools and colleges that adopted the solution.

Importantly, the implementation of business nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet has enabled wholesale priority data options across these schools on the CET network.* This means all 26 facilities have access to uncontended symmetrical upload and download speeds that help to improve their video conferencing experience and consistency of digital content communication across the sites.

CET has already started to realise the benefits of the transition. The impact has been felt across these facilities, with the growth of connectivity, the ability to scale when demand is there, and many schools across the network now enjoy a high parity of service aligned to their metropolitan counterparts. 

#nbn is very happy with Catholic Education Tasmania’s experience with the nbn™ broadband access network. Of course, end customer experiences, including speeds, may vary, and depend on their nbn™ access network technology and configuration, whether they are using the internet during the busy period, and some factors outside of nbn’s control (like equipment quality, software, broadband plan and how their service provider designs its network).

* business nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet is available only in nbn’s fixed line network footprint.