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One million servicable premises

This week nbn quietly achieved a major milestone.

The number of homes and businesses that can order an nbn service has passed the one million mark.

For the team at nbn, that’s cause for celebration.

We’ve more than doubled the number of serviceable premises there were 12 months ago and we have hit one of our principal financial year targets ahead of schedule.

It’s testament to the efforts that everyone in the company has put in to improving the way we work and delivering a step change in performance.

But let’s not forget who the real beneficiaries are: the people of Australia.

One in ten Australian premises can now order superfast nbn™ broadband. Just two years ago the figure was more like one in a hundred.

And the progress we’re making puts us in a solid position to move from a linear growth curve to an exponential one so we can meet our long-term objective of ensuring every home and workplace in Australia can receive high speed broadband by 2020.

The current rollout plan covers around a third of the country. That’s areas where construction is set to get underway or be complete by September next year. And we’re adding additional communities to the rollout every month.

Yes, we still have a still a long way to go but we are now well on our way to our goal of a truly national broadband network that can drive a productive and competitive Australia.

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