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Connected learning: Searcy siblings set up for success

The Searcy family lives 300 km outside of Adelaide and is reaping the benefits of fast broadband - particularly when it comes to the education of siblings Dean and Ryan.

The Searcy family in Naracoorte.

Known for its world heritage-listed caves, Naracoorte in South Australia is one of the world’s most important fossil sites.

The Searcy family say they love the relaxed lifestyle that comes with living over 300 km outside of Adelaide.

But it’s the great schools and teachers which they say is the main reason that they have stayed on in the town for many years.

“Many of the teachers who taught me ended up staying and now they are out there teaching my boys,” says Peter Searcy.

With two young boys – Dean and Ryan - who have a deep passion for knowledge, Peter and his wife Lisa say fast broadband is the key to their education.

Siblings Dean and Ryan have a deep passion for knowledge and their parents say access to fast broadband is key to their education.

The boys have been able to engage with online courses for kids which they couldn’t do before – at least not at the same time!

Since connecting to their fixed wireless service, Ryan has also been able to broaden his learning horizons, and is now able to independently learn and research on his iPad.

But the boys aren’t the only ones who’ve jumped online to learn more. 

Lisa has become a lifelong learner, researching paper craft, sewing and other hobbies which inspired her new start-up business. 

She relies heavily on access to fast broadband to be able to upload photos of her craft to her website to be sold online. "I really have a hard time remembering how we coped without (the nbn™ network)!," Lisa says.

Learn more about the Searcy family in this video:

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