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Future tech trends and gadgets to get excited about

The future is coming! And with it will be some super cool new stuff that will likely revolutionise the way we travel, save energy, maintain our houses, and stay entertained.

Around the world, inventors are coming up with interesting and better ways to do things.

We had a look around for a range of funky gadgets that are on the near and far horizon.


If you think current TVs are great, think again; 8K will put everything to shame, reportedly presenting so clear a picture that it’s better than being there.

Reporters who have checked out 8K TV say that you can get right up close to the screen without a hint of pixelation.

There are still some hurdles to overcome, primarily that the quality of film and recording technology needs to catch up.

There’s not much point paying top-dollar for 8K when most films are still hitting our home screens in 1080p!

While some early models are apparently due to be released in time for Christmas, perhaps don’t add one to your wish-list just yet.  

Personal theatres

Video courtesy: Avegant

But really, screens are so five minutes ago.

The Avegant Glyph is a set of ‘headphones for your eyes’, not only drowning out sound, but your entire surroundings.

Slide this gadget over your face and you’ll be able to watch a movie in total privacy.

It’s not another VR headset; this kit is designed purely for an immersive movie or TV experience without distractions.

This is a great solution for share-houses, or parents who can’t deal with watching their kids’ favourite TV shows on repeat.

Not only that, but it saves on space; no reshuffling of the house to fit in another bulky screen.

Connected big screen fridges

Video courtesy: Samsung Newsroom

Appliance companies such as LG and Samsung are working on fridges that allow you to see inside without opening them – though right now screen size is still limited.

Your future fridge is also likely to be Wi-Fi connected, sending you alerts when you have run out of milk, and allowing you to view recipes and watch cooking lessons on a door mounted display screen.

It might sound like an indulgence now, but like with everything else, once future-you gets used to having one it’s unlikely you’ll want to go back.

Self-flying drones

The Ehang 185 autonomous aerial vehicle. Image courtesy: Ehang

On display at the 2016 CES gadget conference was a self-flying drone, or "autonomous aerial vehicle", big enough to carry one person and to fly for around 20 minutes – just about time enough (for some) to get to work, once you cut out traffic and all those corners and traffic lights.

The Ehang drone uses Google Maps to reach its destination, meaning all you have to do it sit back and take in the view.

This is the flying car, completely re-imagined, and way cooler.

That being said, it might be wise to let the early adopters to do the product testing for you before jumping on board.

Smart blinds

Video courtesy: FlipFlic

Originally a Kickstarter project that far surpassed its goal, FlipFlic smart blinds use solar powered sensors to make any horizontal or vertical window blinds self-adjusting, and responsive to light and temperature.

Your blinds will be able to open and close with the sun, making it look like you are home if you are away and helping you maintain optimum temperature in your house.

The system also pairs with an app that lets you control your blinds without having to get up.

Flexible phones

A universal smartphone bug-bear is the ease with which the glass screen can smash when dropped (we’ve all been there).

This problem could be solved when we finally get flexible phones that can bend and fold without breaking, absorbing the impact that would usually be taken on by your rigid screen.

Samsung and LG are two companies said to be pioneering this technology.

Pinpointing just exactly when we’ll see a flexible phone is difficult; it seems like there’s a new rumour every few months.

Only one thing is certain: they’ll get here eventually.


Image courtesy: Omo

Peggy is a smart peg, currently being tested by washing powder company Omo.

Designed to “lighten the load” on busy parents, Peggy detects light, temperature and humidity, sharing via an app the optimal times to wash your clothes and telling you how long they will take to dry.

It's also designed to give you a heads-up when it’s about to rain so that you can bring everything indoors; this feature on its own could be a game-changer.

In the future, if you’re not at home when the rain's about to hit, just quickly pop back in your self-flying drone, then spend the evening cooking with the help of your smart fridge and chilling out watching a movie on your personal theatre headset or 8K TV.

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