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The art of online content creation

Technology is changing the face of art, and access to fast internet speeds is allowing artists and creatives to gain exposure and collaborate with others. 

Digital technology has redefined art in the way that it is seen and created.

In its traditional form, art is most famously recognised as the works by the all-time greats - from Vincent Van Gogh to Pablo Picasso to Andy Warhol.

These days, art is complimented by creative uses of tech, where digital tools facilitate artistic expression and help generate newer and more engaging forms of content.

Thanks to the internet, a new wave of artists has the ability to showcase their talents, and is provided with the opportunity to turn their talents into businesses.

Three tips to help kickstart your creative career online: 

1. Build your social portfolio

With social media platforms dominating the online space, there are a number of avenues to get your work out there. From sharing animation shorts on Instagram to blogging on Tumblr, think of your platform as your visual resume, allowing you to create and curate your content, and get people talking about it.

2. Get on the radar

There is no better way to get noticed than by networking with brands or agencies.

Share your portfolio with a short, sharp pitch on what you’re about and what skills you bring to the table. Creative portals like The Loop are great free tools to showcase your résumé and, most importantly, your portfolio online.

Your dream job is only a click away with capabilities to source a job suited to your lifestyle, or better yet, be put in prime position to be headhunted by the employer of your choice.

3. Make connections

Reaching out to fellow artists is a great opportunity to get to know the smartest people in your area of interest and opens the door to collaborative opportunities.

Gain inspiration from those around you and you may even pick up some extra skills along the way. 

Five cool artists to watch:

James Curran

London-based animation director James Curran is an emerging artist gaining fast popularity for his GIFs.

Most recently known for his NYC Gifathon where for the duration of his 30 day trip in New York City, created 30 GIFs to showcase his trip highlights. His work is simple but mesmerising, and James has recently collaborated with Verizon and WeChat for Christmas.

Tee Ken Ng

Tee Ken Ng is the stop-motion Vine extraordinaire that has already caught the eye of major brands by the likes of Virgin Mobile, Google and Chrysler Motors.

By taking inspiration from the simple moments of everyday life, Tee creates a story in a way that it out of the box, clever and often no more than six seconds long.

Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg

Since creating the first cinemagraph in 2011, both Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg have started a unique way of bringing pictures to life. Literally.

The living moments they have created are subtle yet visually captivating and have made it hard for brands like Tiffany & Co, Google and Volvo to pass up on their creative offerings.

Jessie Bearden

From eggs shells to poppyseeds, it seems that there is no food US-based Bearden can’t create an impressive artwork from.

Bringing food artistry to a whole new level, and a new meaning to playing with your food, Bearden is popular for the quirky ways she creates her portraits.

Rachel Ryle

A popular self-taught artist and animator, Rachel Ryle has amassed a following through her colourful and effective storytelling. Gaining inspiration from holidays and the world around her, Ryle creates content that is quirky, fun and effective. 

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