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Technology meets real estate in Townsville

Townsville’s Damien Keyes describes how the nbn™ network helps his real estate agency flourish.

The nbn™ network is helping businesses all over Australia to take their marketing and their customer service experience to the next level.

As the owner of Keyes & Co, a specialist real estate agency based in the Queensland city of Townsville, Damien Keyes takes pride in being home grown.

“We’re passionate about this region and we have forged strong links with the community” explains Damien, whose days are filled with staff meetings and catching up with buyers and sellers all over the area. 

The role of a real estate agent can be more complicated than people think.

“The decision to buy or sell a property can be really daunting,” says Damien, “We’re not just selling homes, we’re selling lifestyles.

"We like to ensure buyers and sellers receive the very latest in marketing techniques and that they are not subject to a ‘one-size-fits-all’ strategy.”

The role technology can play 

In Damien’s industry, technology is playing an increasing role, with the internet and new gadgets like unmanned aerial drones dramatically changing the way people buy and sell houses.

For Damien, this evolution is really exciting. “It means that we can now use myriad techniques to showcase properties. The more you can put out there for buyers the more likely you are to generate interest.”

High resolution photography has been a long-time staple of the real estate industry. However, now “there are virtual tours, 3D walk throughs and drone photography to play with.” says Damien.

“Lately we have also been using Virtual Reality. It’s a great way to view virtual tours. You can be there without being there.”

This is especially helpful for people who are relocating from out of town and want to view a property in close detail. They can pop on a Virtual Reality headset and ‘walk through’ a property, seeing it close up and in 360 degree detail.

An aerial view from a drone can not only give a better perspective of a property, it can capture the imagination of a viewer, putting them in the picture of what it might be like to actually live there.

In an industry like Damien’s, staying competitive is key and clients have progressively higher expectations.

“We live in an increasingly savvy and tech based world, so these tools of the trade are not going to be an ‘added bonus’ to the sale of a home, but expected.”

Speed is key 

Back in the office, Damien’s team is kept busy uploading videos and images that are distributed in print and online to prospective clients all over the country.

“When you’re working with such huge project files, fast upload and download speeds are a must,” Damien shares. “Fast, reliable internet is crucial for our business.”

“Without access to the nbn™ network powering Keyes and Co, I don’t think we would be able to flourish and grow at the rate we want to.

"It really is helping all of us change the way we do business, selling homes; and it’s opening up a world of opportunity.”

“The future of real estate is now” says Damien from his busy workplace, “and it’s really exciting!”

Damien and his team aim to provide all clients with the very best of all aspects of real estate. Their goal is “To be at the forefront of property marketing.”

As Damien explains, “Knowing that I am helping people find the lifestyle they want for themselves and their families makes me a very happy man.”


Damien isn’t the only entrepreneur utilising connectivity to stay ahead of the pack. Check out these other tech trends that are transforming the way we buy and sell homes.

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