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A day in the life of a connected co-working space

Watch how Melbourne's CoworkCo is transforming the nine-to-five norm.


With co-working hubs popping up around Australia, it's no wonder freelancers are fleeing the confines of their homes to collaborate with like-minded individuals under the same roof.

The CoworkCo is one of these co-working hubs that is changing the face of the traditional nine-to-five office and is redefining the way Australian small businesses and savvy entrepreneurs could operate.

What is the CoworkCo?

The CoworkCo is a boutique co-working workshop and event space located in Brunswick East, 15 minutes from Melbourne CBD.

Founded by Bec Mutch in 2014, this co-working hub channels a quirky and eclectic design aesthetic and attracts a diverse range of members - including financial consultants and real estate agents as well as digital strategists, content marketers and clinical psychologists.

As someone who took a leap from working for an international luxury brand to pursuing a freelance career, Bec is passionate about creating an inspiring and collaborative environment for a strong group of likeminded entrepreneurs.

Bec Mutch After leaving her corporate job in 2012 to work as a freelancer, Bec found that she missed the camaraderie of an office, leading her to create the co-working hub 2014.

For CoworkCo, it's the coming together of a wide variety of unique skill sets that allows its members to collaborate and help each other.

After all, it's not everyday that professionals, creatives and entrepreneurs gather under the same roof to work together, putting their own spin on how they define business.

With self-employment on the rise, the CoworkCo provides those willing to go it alone a warm and a collaborative environment to mingle, ideate, and work amongst other likeminded individuals.

With plenty of space to accommodate solo and small businesses, as well as intimate workshops and events, the CoworkCo is a hub of activity and innovation.  

Photos: The CoworkCo community in action

Also on offer to all its members is access to fast broadband over the nbn™ network, with co-workers regularly utilising video conferencing, cloud computing and fast upload speeds.

Bec says this is vital to their success. "(Having access to the nbn™ network) is as important to us as having a chair! I think that it’s fundamental, it opens this world of opportunity that wasn’t there five years ago."

The objective of co-working is to enable professionals, entrepreneurs and creatives to connect and collaborate in a way - and at a scale - that they usually wouldn’t.

Whether it's meeting deadlines, driving business growth, or ideating collectively, the nbn™ network is connecting people beyond the confines of their homes and aiding collaboration.

Fast broadband is changing how small business owners operate. Check out how other Australians are ditching the office in favour of a more mobile work style in our special blog series.

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