You have completed the multiple medical alarm registration process.

Next steps 

nbn will call and work with you directly to confirm the following actions:

Check medical alarm compatibility

We will provide you with additional helpful information about speaking to your alarm provider(s) or manufacturer(s) to check whether your residents’ devices are compatible with the nbn™ access network. Your provider(s) may suggest upgrading to new alarms that have a back-up battery and connect via a mobile network. This will provide your residents’ alarms with the ability to connect to an alternative network during a power or nbn™ access network outage.

Connect phone and internet services

Your residents’ phone and internet service will not be automatically moved across to the nbn™ access network. Therefore, you will need to work with your residents to ensure they speak to their individual phone and internet provider about connecting to new phone and/or internet services on the nbn™ access network.

If necessary, we will call you to advise of the approaching disconnection date of your residents’ old phone services. Once their new phone and/or internet service is active on the nbn™ access network, you can connect their medical alarms to the network if they are compatible with the nbn™ access network and their alarm device manufacturer advises you to do so.

Test medical alarms

You will need to test your residents’ alarms after they have been successfully connected to the network. We will also call you and work with you to verify their alarms are working correctly.

Once your residents are connected to the nbn™ access network and their alarms are working, we will close their registrations. Any further support requests will need to be directed to you, the residents’ alarm supplier(s) or their phone and internet provider(s).

Note: nbn will not contact the medical alarm users themselves without the prior approval of the person who has registered their alarms.

Where else to get help

Once each registered resident is connected to the nbn™ access network, and their alarm has been verified as working correctly, we will close their registration.

Any further support requests will need to be directed to you, the resident’s alarm supplier(s) or their phone and internet provider(s).

If a resident has special needs or a serious medical condition, they should speak to their phone and internet provider today about any assistance services they may offer. As a wholesaler, nbn does not offer these services. 

Telstra is required by the Australian Government to offer Priority Assistance services to people with a life-threatening medical condition. Other phone or internet providers may also offer Priority Assistance (or similar arrangements) to their customers. More information is available from the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA).

Important note

The nbn™ broadband access network is replacing most of the existing fixed-line phone networks that medical alarms rely on with newer technologies. Although most existing services will be replaced by the nbn™ access network, there are some services that should not be impacted, including those provided over non-nbn fibre networks and some business and Special Services. nbn strongly recommends you contact your current phone and internet provider, and your current device provider, about whether your services will be impacted by the rollout of the nbn™ access network.