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The below information is for third party requestors who have already made contact with an nbn® Relocation Works team member, and have been advised they are required to complete an NPP.

If you have not yet made contact, please do so here before proceeding.

About the NPP

If you are installing a new conduit to a site, but don’t require any relocation of nbn assets, you will still need to seek approval from nbn. This can be done by submitting a NPP. 


How to submit an NPP

Your NPP proposal should include:

1. A cover letter that addresses the methodology laid out below;

2. Supporting documentation including a site specific plan with cross-section representation of the existing nbn conduit in relation to your proposed installation. Further details below.

Cover letter requirements

  • Locating the nbn conduit
  • Excavation within the vicinity of the nbn conduit
  • Backfilling around the nbn conduit
  • Compaction of the nbn conduit
  • Contingency Plan in the event the proposed NPP fails
  • Damage contact phone number
  • On-site contact points
  • Start date of the proposed NPP
  • Period of time the nbn conduit will be exposed and protected
  • All relevant SWMS/versions you will be working to

Supporting documentation requirements

  • The proposed conduit beneath the existing nbn conduit
  • Clearance from the underside of the nbn conduit to the top of your proposed conduit
  • The overall excavation span in which the nbn conduit will be exposed
  • Method of protection around the nbn conduit (further broken down into a cross-section in the supplied plan)
  • Proposed supports/slings to suspend the nbn conduit over the total span

Next steps

Once you submit your NPP, nbn will review the proposal and write back to you either with approval to go ahead with the works, or to request further information. The approved NPP will be provided to an nbn Field Engineer who will carry out an audit to ensure the NPP has been implemented as per the approval from nbn.

NB:  An approved NPP must be used in conjunction with the Referral Conditions set out within your Before You Dig Australia response. The approved NPP will not limit you from any damages caused to nbn’s infrastructure or meeting any Local Government Authority/Industry obligations or requirements.