Technology Choice Program

The Technology Choice Program has been set up for interested individuals, local governments and communities who wish to apply for a change to their nbn™ network infrastructure. It provides an opportunity for eligible applicants to select an alternate technology solution by paying the incremental cost of the change.

It is expected that the current rollout will meet the bandwidth needs of the vast majority of broadband users, although some individuals and communities may have specific needs for higher speed broadband. Hence, nbn is providing an opportunity for them to move to an alternate technology via the Technology Choice Program.

There are two options available: Area Switch or Individual Premises Switch. The cost to change technology for Area Switch can range from tens of thousands of dollars to several millions of dollars. The cost for Individual Premises Switch can range from a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars. The cost generally depends upon the size and complexity of the project. As various factors will impact on the final cost to move to an alternate technology, nbn will assess every application individually so that these various factors can be taken into account and so that it can provide applicants with a high level cost estimate. An application fee is payable to procure the cost estimate.

Technology Choice replaces the previous Network Extension Program launched in July 2012. The Network Extension Program enabled premises in the satellite and fixed wireless footprints to switch to an alternate technology, such as Fibre to the Premises (FTTP). These alternate technology options can now be accessed via Technology Choice. The new program not only offers upgrade paths from satellite and fixed wireless but has also added more technologies to provide options of changing from the originally offered Fibre to the Node (FTTN), Fibre to the Building (FTTB) and Hybrid Fibre Coaxial (HFC) networks.

Applications can be made under Area Switch or Individual Premises Switch, depending upon the criteria set below. Applicants are required to be in the nbn announced rollout area (PDF).

nbn is not able to provide advice to applicants, and makes no representation, about the advisability of an Area Switch or Individual Premises Switch in relation to any specific premises. It is important that applicants determine whether an upgrade is advisable in their particular circumstances.

Compare the available options

Please use the comparison table below, and refer to details in Area Switch and Individual Premises Switch, to determine which option is most suitable for your application.

Which technologies are available?


Area Switch

Individual Premises Switch

FTTN to FTTP September 2015
Fixed wireless to FTTP
Fixed wireless to FTTN N/A
Fixed wireless to FTTB
Satellite to Fixed wireless N/A
Satellite to FTTP
Satellite to FTTN N/A
Satellite to FTTB N/A
Available now Under Development N/A = Not applicable
FTTB = Fibre to the Building/Basement
FTTN = Fibre to the Node
FTTP = Fibre to the Premises
HFC = Hybrid Fibre Coaxial


Summary of fees 

Once an application is submitted, it will be assessed under Technology Choice for eligibility based on information provided in the application forms, the rollout plan and against the eligibility criteria mentioned in the policy and this website. nbn will then contact the interested party to discuss their application and the likely total cost. Once eligible, applicants pay an application fee in order to proceed to the next steps involving a detailed feasibility study to determine an estimated range for the cost of the build. In certain circumstances, nbn reserves the right to waive the application and design fees at its discretion.



Area Switch

Individual Premises Switch

Application fee $1,100 per FDA*
(incl GST)
(incl GST)
Design and quote fee Upon application $330
(incl GST)
Build quote Incremental project management, design and construction costs in accordance with quote Incremental project management, design and construction costs in accordance with quote
*FDA = Fibre Distribution Area. A single FDA generally contains up to 200 premises. Your application for premises may have more than one FDA covering those premises.


Area Switch
Area Switch
Interested parties, such as local and state governments, whole communities and bodies corporate of Multi Dwelling Units (MDUs), can apply to fund an alternative technology type to be deployed. This will generally be a large group of premises such as a town CBD, business parks, MDUs or a whole town.
Read more about Area Switch
Individual Premises Switch
Individual Premises Switch
Interested parties can apply to fund an FTTP connection for their individual premises or a small group of premises such as a free standing house, villa, or regional business park.
Read more about Individual Premises Switch

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