Technology Choice Program

Technology Choice provides a mechanism for interested parties to pay for a change to their nbn™ access technology. 

Why is the program available?

It is expected that the current rollout will meet the bandwidth needs of the vast majority of broadband users. nbn has explored ways to meet community demand for additional bandwidth beyond what is planned in the initial rollout.

Applications can cover the following two options:

Area Switch
Area Switch
Area Switch refers to the option to switch an eligible group of premises to an alternative nbn™ technology.
Read more about Area Switch
Apply online for Area Switch
Individual Premises Switch
Individual Premises Switch
Individual Premises Switch refers to the option to switch eligible individual premises to an alternative nbn™ technology.
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Apply online Individual Premises Switch

What network technology will be delivered to your premise?

nbn will deploy a range of technologies and utilise existing fit-for-purpose network infrastructure to deliver the minimum data rates required by the Federal Government’s broadband policy.

The multi-technology principles mean that most households and businesses:

  • already served by the Optus or Telstra Hybrid Fibre Coaxial (HFC) cable networks, will receive fast broadband over an upgraded HFC network;
  • where the nbn™ fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP) network has been deployed or is in advanced stages of being built, will remain part of the FTTP rollout; and,
  • where the nbn™ fixed wireless or satellite networks are earmarked for deployment, will remain part of the Fixed Wireless or Satellite rollout.
  • All other communities are likely to receive fast broadband over fibre-to-the-node (FTTN) and, in the case of multi-dwelling units such as apartment blocks, fibre-to-the-basement (FTTB).

If you are unsure what nbn™ network technology you have or will receive for your area, check your address to see if you are in the current nbn™ rollout plan.

Which technologies are available?

The table below, lists the options that are available for Area Switch and Individual Premises Switch.

Network Technology

Area Switch

Individual Premises Switch

Fixed wireless to FTTP
Fixed wireless to FTTN N/A
Fixed wireless to FTTB N/A
Satellite to Fixed wireless N/A
Satellite to FTTP
Satellite to FTTN N/A
Satellite to FTTB N/A
Available now Under Development N/A = Not applicable
FTTB = Fibre to the Building/Basement
FTTN = Fibre to the Node
FTTP = Fibre to the Premises
HFC = Hybrid Fibre Coaxial

Summary of fees 

The cost to change technology infrastructure for an Area Switch could range from tens of thousands of dollars to a few millions of dollars and for Individual Premises Switch from a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars. The cost is generally dependent upon size and complexity of the project.

There are no upfront fees to submit an application. Once an application is submitted, it will be assessed under Technology Choice for eligibility based on information provided in the application forms, the rollout plan and against the eligibility criteria mentioned in the Technology Choice Policy. nbn will then contact the interested party to discuss their application and the indicative cost. Once eligible, applicants pay an application fee in order to proceed to the next steps involving a detailed feasibility study to determine an estimated range for the cost of the build. 

The fee structure is designed so that applicants are informed about the likely costs of installing an Area Switch or Individual Premises Switch without having to commit upfront to a large design fee.

Fees & Payments

Area Switch

Individual Premises Switch

What does this provide?

Application fee (if eligible) $1,100 per FDA*
(incl GST)
(incl GST)
Cost Estimation 
This consists of the cost estimation range of the build
Design and Quote fee Upon application $330
(incl GST)
Build Quote 
This consists of the incremental costs to build (such as design, construction and project management), as well as the contract
Build Payments As per Build Quote As per Build Quote Construction of the network as per Build Quote
*FDA = Fibre Distribution Area. A single FDA generally contains up to 200 premises. Your application for premises may have more than one FDA covering those premises.


Read about the pricing factors for more details regarding cost
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