Product roadmap

nbn plans to launch new products and additional features over time in a series of product releases.

Our product releases are generally focused on delivering capabilities and functionality that are expected to be available downstream to our service providers' end users. Though nbn is a wholesale provider, we take this approach to deliver a cohesive set of features and capabilities to our service providers so that they can build services for their customers. Within the limitations of the underlying technology platform, service providers can select features from different releases to build a retail offering.

Broadband and telephony

This release of the foundational Fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP) offering has given our service providers the opportunity to build their core broadband and telephony products for the nbn™ network. The release included up to five access speed tiers for end user services*. This release included nbn's best-efforts traffic class; Traffic Class 4 as well as nbn's traffic class designed to support telephony, Traffic Class 1.

Potential applications

  • High speed broadband 
  • High quality Voice over Internet Protocol telephony 
  • Broadband and telephony bundles 
  • Facilitate migration of plain old telephony services to nbn telephony services (FTTP Only)

Business services and service enhancements

These releases are designed to support business end users with high speed broadband and multi-line telephony capability. They also provide service and operational enhancements to our service providers.

Potential applications

  • E-learning and health applications 
  • Small business broadband, telephony bundles 
  • Video conferencing, video collaboration services 
  • Multi-line telephony/small Private Automatic Branch Exchange (PABX) 
  • Enhanced service levels and customer reporting

Medium business services

This release comprises features intended to support medium sized businesses. It includes additional traffic classes designed to support video conferencing and collaboration, data networking and additional enhanced service level options.

Potential applications

  • Video conferencing, video collaboration services 
  • Virtual Private Networks (VPN) 
  • E-learning and health applications 
  • Enhanced service levels


This release saw the introduction of the multicast feature become available on the FTTP access network. Multicast allows service providers to inject a piece of data once into an nbn Point-of-Interconnect, and have that data replicated out to thousands of end user premises. This makes the technology ideal for internet television providers - who can inject their channel line-up once at a Point-of-Interconnect, and have those channels replicated and transmitted to thousands of end users.

Potential applications

  • Scalable internet television 
  • Triple play bundles; telephony, data and video 
  • E-learning and health applications 
  • Software as a service applications

Enterprise ethernet service

This planned release will enable our service providers to serve the mission critical sites of large enterprise customers (for example, hospitals and banks). This release is expected to include very high bandwidth options, transparency features and access redundancy.

Potential applications

  • Very high capacity links 
  • Virtual Private Networks (VPN) 
  • High availability services

*nbn is designing the nbn™ network to be capable of delivering these speeds to nbn's wholesale customers (Service Providers) via FTTP, fixed wireless and satellite. Speeds actually achieved by retail customers (End Users) will depend on a number of factors including the quality of their equipment and in-Premises connection, the broadband plans offered by their Service Provider and how their Service Provider designs its network to cater for multiple End Users.

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